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Full Version: 1.8 PvP Mechanics?
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Hey guys - I was wondering you guys rather want the old PvP Mechanics? That could help some of you out since you are used to spam click, and also it might be a bit easier to get your hits into the bosses instead of hitting players in a boss fight. Do you like the PvP mechanics as it is or do you rather want the old ones?

Aye or Nay? Comment down below please!
Nay ?
No please don't :/ NAY
I vote Yes.
Need this in my life, big yes.

Yes please
Please dont .... this is the only thing that need some skill in minecraft ...
i say nay, although im worse at pvp than before 1.8 i think the new mechanics require skill and serious tactic that should be preservered
Nay. Keep 1.12 pvp.
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