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This is a update log on Vexius - Here we will post new stuff we add / fix on the server!

Known bugs/issues:


A lot of new stuff, will try to include them all!
- Allowed up to 5 alts to the bot system
- Fixed some mute/warn messages (So you can see why you get warned)
- Towny FAQ/Guide added
- New spam/anti caps plugin
- Updated 6 messages in different plugins
- Shows vote when hovering someones rank
- New StaffGUI /Staff
- Fixed a few bugs in Bosses
- 7 new plugin updates (anticheat etc)
- Fixed messages on buycraft (legendary key said you would get a rare one)
- Towns can now build closer to eachother
- VoteParty messages has been removed
- Added /trailer
- Updated links in /questrewards and 3 others
- Improved /ignore
- Whitelisted a few words like XD - GG to the chat filter
- Buffed jobs
- Increased spawn rates


A lot of new stuff, will try to include them all!

- Fuusk is now a part of the staff team
- Evyi and xBelgianBoy is promoted to SrMod!

- Found a memory leak in our AutoRank plugin. We have now made our own and this prevents crashes and increases performance!
- Added new info to /fish
- Phoenix_Nest finished a new fish area for everyone (added NPC, shop with fish poles and /warp fisher)
- VoteShop added
- Custom Staff plugin -> StaffGUI added (/staff)
- New command for SrMods
- Blocked a few commands for default players
- /me (for donors) caused internal error, but completed the sentence, the message is now removed
- New cosmetics
- Cosmetics added to all donor ranks
- Cosmetics added to the store describtion
- Cosmetics added to ingame GUIS (/warden, /knight, /baron, /champion)
- Cosmetics added to VoteShop
- Updated Help GUI (VoteShop/Cosmetics added to the Vote section)
- Added more lore to voteshop
- Updated /vote (clicking on all links) it now mentions voteshop and cosmetics
- Added command: /votes (see your votepoints)
- Added /store (shows link to the store)
- New items in the legendary/VIP crate (will be armor from the new boss we are making)
- Added Chances to boss armor items in boss crate (the lore didn't show chance)
- Fixed messages in /apply and made it easier to use
- Players can now disable their chat (/disablechat)
- A few new automessages
- JukeBox cosmetic not allowed in the square where new players spawn/join (due to people getting stuck in them)
- 6 new plugin updates (anticheat, spawner, town, ban system and a few others)
- New logo check it out:
- Changed icons ingame using /buy to some more appealing icons than just paper

Im sure we forgot to mention a lot, but it's some of it atleast  (:


- A lot of new stuff!
- Eggs can now be used again (we will track all hatched eggs and if its used for griefing they will be punished)
- New backup system
- VoteParty added
- New automessages
- Shovel claims can no longer be made in towns
- More clues for quests
- Added charity plugin
- Update for anticheat


- A lot of new stuff, will try to get it all here (I prob forget a lot of stuff)
- Added aliases to pets so you can now use /vpet name, /vpet rename to set the pets name
- /kit runs /kits
- Fixed kit plugin
- When you buy warps in buycraft you can set them yourself and delete it
- Everyone with public warps can remove them themselves
- Quests fixed
- New Anti-Bot plugin
- Added pets to automessage
- Fixed some of the automessages
- Spawners no longer causing lag spikes
- Fixed issue with Jobs
- Pet ride permission in quests fixed
- Jobs boss bar looks better
- Donkey quest ride works
- No more spam messages in boss arenas
- You can no longer purchase quest scrolls if your inventory is full


- Issues with spawner shop fixed
- Scamming is no longer allowed
- Made a Scam Report section on Forum
- Better performance for the entire server
- Spawner plugin update
- New boss crate! (/warp boss)
- You can now win boss crate keys from killing bosses!


- Slimespawners is now working properly
- You can now invite other people to your nation (the accept command were broken)
- Quests were broken (Log and minecart clue didnt work) but is now fixed
- Muted players can no longer use /tpa
- New boss plugin update
- Buying nick/title change in buycraft now directs you to make a ticket instead of sending an email
- Towny is now stable

- Server is now back on and running stable without any crashes (hope I dont jinx it now)


Time for an update again! So lately we had some issues with a few crashes caused by the anticheat and the towny plugin, we have a bug with the towny plugin which we might have found the cause of but the developer of the plugin doesn't really want to respond us because he cant fix the issue it seems. We are looking into trying to fix this ourselves!

- Fixed issues with anticheat (running high CPU and Ram)
- Tested the ticket system its now working properly
- People which is swimming and jumping into a boat will no longer be kicked for Jesus (hack)
- New updates on the store, back in the days you had to send a mail to [email protected] to get your nick/title changed but its now done via ticket system (theres a guide when purchasing it)
- Added some aliases to towns (like /t invite runs /t add)
- People spawning eggs in Boss arenas are now disabled
- The /me command (for donors) could only write 1 word now they can make whole sentences
- A lot of other minor stuff is fixed too.


A lot of new stuff happend this past 3 days will try to cover it all - Some of the big stuff is the new dedicated server we moved to.
- Finished the anticheat config, should be protect us good now Smile
- Added new ticket system (/ticket)
- Fixed messages in /apply
- Added announcements for ticket system
- Sr-Mods can now promote people on discord too
- Fixed some issues with spawn limits
- New dedicated server from to increase performance (more ram + better CPU)
- Some minor fixes to forum to make it easier to use
- Vote links works like before
- New updates for spawner plugin, towny (should fix issues with protection) vote plugin, kit plugin, trade plugin.
- Added alias to pet setname so you can now use (/vpet rename - /vpet name) the real command is /vpet setname
- New players get a message 15 seconds after they join, which tells them how to get started
- You can now disable eggs in your town


- Quest rewards a bit messed up with spawners -> Fixed
- /tpacancel command works now


- Messages fixed
- Better (and easier) /list command Before:


- New anticheat
- Town spawn visit price is now set to 0 (will be something you can set the price for in the future)
- Some fixes to the Spawner plugin
- Fixed votelinks
- Better messages to new players
- Rewards in quests have been improved


- New plugin which will help us to get better performance than we already have
- The fish competition is enabled!
- Fixed a few messages and added /fish
- Working on boss arenas (barriers were blocking too much around trees)


- We have added a new item plugin this allows you to show item in chat by holding the item and typing [i]
- Messages in the golden shovel plugin fixed
- Easier /delhome and /sethome tips
- Fixed messages when banned (the ban appeal link were broken)


- Wrong information in /help GUI have been fixed


- Spawnrates in nether increased by 40-50%
- New update for anticheat to prevent people getting kicked from ghostblocks
- Added silverfish spawners to /spawners


- Increased spawns for spawners
- New /help layout
  *Added apply + heads to it
- You can now spawn in playerheads!

- A lot of issues fixed the past 3 days, anticheat, voteplugin quests and some other stuff
- You can now stack spawners by placing them by the spawners side


- Issues with Spawners should be fixed
- Major changes to the anticheat
- SHEEP spawner added!
- Better Kits! (Daily/Warden/Knight/Baron)


- Fixed issue with spawners in crates and quests
- Fixed issue with /vpet ride permission node in the quests


- Removed /voteshop
- Kits now working properly
- Changed PlayerVaults to Vaults (/pv)
- Fixed issue in legendary crate
- broadcast message when purchasing Knight rank fixed


- A lot of minor fixes the last few days
- Improved performance with a slight more ram and removed some old plugins we didnt really use
- Getting the new bosses ready (will be enabled tomorrow hopefully)
- Slime-chunks-everywhere is enabled, should increase the slime spawns!


- Fixed messages when completing a quest
- Added /questrewards


- Fixed messages in multiple plugins
- Made the /spawners GUI faster
- Added /heads to /shop GUI
- Updated: Anticheat, Jobs, Placeholders, Plan
- You can now expand your town without having residents for it! You can buy extra claim blocks for ingame money. Simply do /t buy bonus (amount) and afterwards /t claim!


- Added heads! /heads


- Squire rank added!
- Squire rank added to tablist

- Discord rankup is now manually write in the promote-me channel on discord
- Removed some banned words which shouldnt be banned.
- Player Vaults added!
- Found the cause of the server crashes
- You can now buy key bundles on the store! (buy 8 and get 10)
- Added playervaults to store!
- Fixed a few issues with messages and package price on store.
- Fixed message on Quests - It said (Rare instead of Special when you were given a quest) - Thank you for pointing it out Fuusk!


- Boss despawn issue should be fixed.
- Added Anti Crop trample - This means your crops wont be destroyed if you accidently hop on them


- Added kit GUI
- Better items in the kits
- Vote party: Everytime we reach 100 votes an end dragon respawns!
- Fixed a few issues in the anticheat


- The mob spawns should be increased for good now
- Fixed the invite system in towny (people could invite without asking permission to join or not)


- Added /protect - Extra commands
- Made rules more clear (such as no xray/autoclicker)


- Bosses is now a part of the quests!
- Increased mob spawning
- Fixed some false positives on the anticheat


- Fixed some issues with anticheat (one of them was the elytra flight kill)
- A few improvments on mob-spawning
- New premium anti-lag plugin (Lets see if this messes up with villagers)
- Fixed some messages in the punishment system, here is what a ban looks like:
- New chat message when you complete a quest
- New server list plugin (can be seen when you add the server to the server list)
- Issues with mending is now fixed (didnt repair)
- Linebreaks in the quests (the riddles are too long and the message goes out of the screen)
- Increased mob spawns by 400%
- Added Warden rank to Vote Crates


- New messages in the Quest post on the forum (about Heroic and legendary quest count)
- Added /start and /faq
- Thuzio is back from vacation!
- Fixed issue with claimblocks, when you unclaimed you lost the claim blocks
- /warplist now works properly
- Changed boss name: testio -> Nazgrim


- /vpet ride - from quests were bugged, the command works now!
- Redone messages on buycraft
- Fixed boss plugin
- New rule added to /rules (No links of any kind in chat - Forum links is exempted)


- Fixed some voting issues (rewards for 50 votes and 100)
- New messages for boss spawn and a few bugfixes
- Added /key so you can get your ingame rank on discord!
  -> Also added the /key command to /discord ^


- Gallery and Marketplace on the forum!
- 500 extra claimblocks to all ranks!
- Added /recipe to all ranks!
- Automessages fixed
- Ban message fixed (added a few commands that cant be spammed while being muted too)
- Fixed cluescroll rewards, all rewards now works (also the new ones!)
- Towny GUI added to /help -> Towns


- Fixed issue with Silk Spawners (sometimes the spawner doesnt drop)


- New /back command for warden+ (works better than the old one)
- New quests and rewards!
- New custom Town GUI to manage the town easier! /towny


- Fixed messages for: /warden - /knight - /baron - /champion
- 3 public warps now cost $5 USD and not $10 USD!
- /help updated (How to start - Vote and Griefprevention, quests and 4 others)
- New brackets on Guest rank  - To make it more visible in chat
- Bought new buycraft icons - You better like them!


- /kit Noble - A new kit for noble rank!


- New messages in TownyChat - Different color themes in nation and Town chat!
- Issue with tablist not updating rank (when ranked up from 12 hours/noble/donations) is now fixed! Thank you ChaosMakesAMV's for planting a thought!
- Better rewards in Legendary crates!
- /market revamped, a lot of new player shops for cheap money!
- Auction House messages fixed
- Updated the Vote section and griefprevention section in /help
- Quests: Fixed redstone, enchant sword and a few other issues
- /donate fixed!
- New MOTD (Message of the day when logging in)


- A lot of minor updates the past 4 days
- Fixed crate message (when you recieve a crate key)
- Added quests - 4 tiers - 180 different quests!
- Made a warp to ChestShop tutorial /shopmake
- New forum layout
- Added claimblocks to /vote (You get 150 extra claim blocks when you vote on all 5 links)
- Added claimblocks to vote and daily crate!
- Finished the Boss arenas, now we only need the GUI!
- New YouTube channel:
- Fixed /shop and /rtp so you can only use it in the main world (not nether and end)


- New automessages
- Fixed spammy votes
- You now get 1 crate key for each vote!


- Added towny chat! /tc
- Added warp GUI - /warps


- Issue fixed with: Claim Blocks: Noble and Member now slowly build up more claim blocks!


- Jobs have been added!
- New anti-xray system
- Added jobs to /help
- 60 seconds cooldown to /afk (so it cant be spammed)
- Pets added to /buy


- Villagers breeding works, (remember to look away when they breed)
- Fixed a few staff commands
- Fixed 2 vote messages (50 and 100 votes)
- Fixed messages in Vexius pets (No space between [VexiusPets] and the message)
- Added /guide (opens the help gui)
- Villagers despawn should be fixed
- Added a new rule! (Scamming is allowed! Use our trade plugin: /trade)


- Vote system works again
- Updated /help GUI
- Added a new auto message
- Guests can now use /shop to sell items!
- Daily crates is now reserved to Member rank!


- Rank shown over players head
- New tablist
- Added trade plugin! See the tutorial for it here:


- Changed random teleport timer and made /rtp the only available command to use (otherwise you could use /wild,  /rtp, /randomtp as a loophole)
- Updated ranks in /help
- Pets added to /help
- A link to this page with /news
- Added pets purchable for players! /pet
- Fixed commands in /help -> Commands
- New addition! Hover over somones rank to see their real username (if they have a nick) - Also you can click their rank on a guide on how to get it OR click on their name to message them


- Added shops to /market - Purchase a shop and rent it for 21 days. Make your very own shop with the items you wish to sell!
- Fixed issue with chat: Hovering over rank showed Rank: ''default'' instead of Guest
- Added two more messages to VexiusInfo
- New post:
- Fixed issue with Crates (error message at back menu)
- New donor rank! Champion! Preview the rank ingame with /champion or visit


- Added /website
- Added /forum
- Added random teleports with commands (/rtp, /wild, /randomteleport


- More homes for Warden rank
- Added/pweather (private weather) for all donor ranks
- Added Noble rank! Purchased from IN GAME money in /rankup
- Added /rankup
- Added /report
- Fixed issue with no monsters spawning
- Forum done!
- Website done! (