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so if you watch the video i attached you can see somthing going on with a bugged out pigman.

trying to kill this i lost 40 levels and a vote set and my self respect

watch the full

I think the low tier bosses are easy due to the fact the most people have good gear and damage buffs from potions etc. Is it possible to make them more difficult? -Survival-

ok so i wanna know where i can apply for admin because i think im up for the job any staff memebers online please tell me where to apply

I've been having a problem with /pweather sun when it's night time it never goes back to day or displays the day time and the other /pweather commands work.

Would it be possible to add /repair to champion and baron rank? It seems theres not enough commands for the top tier ranks to be equivalent to the price in my opinion.

So anyone out there

I voted August 1st, 3:00pm-ish. I didn't get my 5 keys, $5 + ($x for voting x days in a row), or 150 claim blocks. The in-game admin/mods aren't responding so I'm posting here. Let me know if there's any way to get my rewards since this is one of the only reliable sources of income, and claim blocks.

I'm a noble with three sethomes and when I logged in today, my rank is [guest] but I still have my three homes set. Helper Sapph0 told me to make a ticket. I can't claim my daily or noble kit.

TO STAFF : I was wondering if there was a way for me to get my old rank back. Once the Server updated I lost my previous rank. It was the warden rank, so a bought rank. I am only hoping to get that rank back seeing as it wasn't ingame money. If this is not a request that can not be done, that is perfectly fine. I simply wanted to mention it and request that I can get it back. Thank you! Tongue

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