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(Note: All commands might not be available! This is a link from wiki)

VoxelSniper is the premier long range map editing tool for Minecraft SMP. This plugin allows you to edit any block that you can see using an arrow (for replacing) and a gun powder.
VoxelSniper 5 introduces significant under-the-hood improvements, streamlining the number of brushes while increasing the number of brush options. Better documentation means it's never been easier to learn to use VoxelSniper. Experienced VoxelSniper users should scan the page for the tremendous new features in VoxelSniper 5!ions Instructions  

You can find most of the essential commands ingame using /help and navigate to the section called ''VoxelSniper''

We have found some usefull links for the players that might be interested in a more in depth tutorial:


Enjoy the game! And if you need any help or lack a certain command feel free to ask the staff!

An event on creative where everyone can join in and work together to make one huge build. Obviously there would need to be rules:
-No griefing/destroying others work
-Work together and have fun
(basically the normal server rules with a few extra things to prevent any unkindness)

when a staff member responds then we go back to 1. I will start:

Im new to the server . My game crashed while i was playing , and when i tried to re-join the server it keeps saying "An existing connection was forcibly close by the remote host" . Is there anyway i can fix this problem ?

BMM03Pumpkin repeatedly asked my friend and I if he could come see the build. We relented and allowed him to, to which he begged to be given access to help us. I said no but that I appreciate the offer and he didn't like this. Instead he stuck around, killed my sheep, flooded the land a bit before removing it when caught and built two stone towers. He also got in my way of mining/placing dirt despite being asked to leave. He's not been here for twenty-thirty minutes and has been repeatedly told to leave. He removed one of the towers, killed a sheep to get food and then made the second tower taller before claiming he would leave. 

I normally don't let this kind of petty behavior annoy me but I am playing on this server with a friend who is new to the game and not used to how childish some the playerbase can be given it's younger audience. It's also just a negative experience for someone who is new to the game. 

Here is a folder of the events, the text was compiled in order for easier reading.

As I am making this report, I look out my window to see he has made the tower wider. I claimed the land under him so he'd stop.

Here are some building tips that may help you create something amazing. Remember above anything else this is your build, it's about putting what you love into your work. Take what you are good at and turn it into a building skill. At the end of the day it's you that has to be happy with your build.

We are here to help you along the way, we can show you tips and tricks to make your build stand out. The following list of tips are just that, ideas that may help you to grow your skills.

Quick link to this thread:


- Theme -
First of all think of what you would like to create. You can start from a small simple idea, as your build grows your theme can grow with it, don't stop at one building, keep going and make it into something more.

Your theme might be:

  • Fantasy (anything from dwarven villages, to futuristic cities.)

  • Modern

  • Medieval

  • Or just personal style (free-form building. Could also be considered fantasy)
Try using reference images for inspiration, search through art and concept ideas.
You're not looking to build an exact copy, you are looking for inspiration and ideas you can turn into builds.
Going on to Google and image searching for whatever you would like to try to build. (city, or fantasy misc).


- Scale -
Do you plan to build big, or small - A city, a castle, "how big should this be?". Scale can have vast effects on detail, depth, texture, etc.

- If your build is too small: Details will be limited to single blocks with slabs and stairs.
- If your build is big: Any detail is possible depending on how much space you give.


- Structure -

When creating structure, use empty shapes and outlines for planning until ready to detail.

I’d recommend using Google images and floor plans to help lay out your builds.


- Detail -

Detail is all about adding depth. Taking a flat wall and making it stand out.

Detailing can be controversial, sometimes less is more, other times a build will look impressive with well balanced detail.

Detail can be added by using colors, stairs, slabs, walls and fences. 


- Contrast -

This is using colour and texture to make parts of the build stand out, contrast is a great way to add some extra depth. If a build is all one colour detail will be lost.

Ways of using contrast:
  • Outlining a window with dark oak wood, on top of a stonebrick wall,

  • Coloring an indented area a darker color  than the rest.

  • Putting a rim around the top of a wall which reaches a few blocks out from the wall.

- Depth -
Depth means pushing a part of a build inwards/outwards a number of blocks from the rest of the build.
Depth should almost always be used in a build, as it creates contrast, and shape.

Depth should be used exactly like contrast. Depth=contrast, contrast=depth.

Ways of using depth:
  • Pulling out a window a number of blocks outwards from the wall

  • Adding pillars and/or roof lips (out-stretched edges)

- Texture -
There are many ways of doing texture.

Most people do:
//set <block>,<block>,<block>
This is fine for certain textures like consistent gravely surfaces.

But (most) textures need larger particles, and larger blobs.
//br splatter <block>,<block>,<block> <size>
This command will create larger blobs of material instead of fine gravely textured ones.


- Color -
Color can be used just like contrast.

Color can be used to:
  • Separate parts of a build

  • Make parts of a build easier on the eye

  • Draw the eye to areas of the build

  • Create mood, and theme
When choosing color, never go too overboard on smaller sized builds. Always choose a careful amount of color that will fit the theme of the build.
  • A small palette of colors for a small build (like a house, singular building, ship, etc)
  • A larger palette of colors for a larger build (such as a town, city, or fantasy organic/terrain build)

If there's anything I missed, or could change, please let me know.

Voxelsniper is a plugin which functions like WorldEdit or FAWE (fast async worldedit). Voxelsniper mainly focuses on organics/terrain creation.

Some commands are only available with full WorldEdit or Voxelsniper, which is available through /buy.

Quick link to this thread:
Start by getting a voxel arrow from /voteshop, and also grabbing some gunpowder.
Gunpowder does the opposite of what the arrow does.

<> = Required
[] = Optional

ARW = Arrow wand
GP = Gunpowder wand


/b <brushname> - Sets brush
/b <#> - Sets brush size
/v <#> - Sets material
/vl  <#> - Sets data value
/vr <#> - Sets replace material
/vlr  <#> Sets replace data value

/vs  - Displays current settings
/u [#] - Undos a certain number of times


/b s - Single block
/b b - Sphere
/b d - Cylinder
/b v Cube
/b vd - Cube-Cylinder
/b r - Ruler brush
/b over d<#> - Overlay with <#> depth
/b l Line brush
/b drain - Drains liquid
/b dome h<#> - Dome with <#> hight
/b bb - Smooths and blends materials. (bb stands for "blendball")
/b e melt/fill/smooth/lift - Erosion presets.
- Melt: ARW Erodes an area |GP Fills an area.
- Fill: ARW fills an area | GP melts an area.
- Smooth: Reduces particles in an area, and makes it less rough looking.
- Lift: Pulls blocks in an area outwards or upwards depending on the direction of the face of the block.

Example commands:
/b over d5 - Sets to overlay brush with a depth of 5
/v 1 - Sets overlay block to stone.
/b 10 - Sets overlay size to 10.


m_ - Material replaces
 - Data value replaces

o_ - Material & Ink replace
__p - No physics mode
_m - Material is replaced

_i - Data value is replaced
_o - Material & ink are replaced
__u Forces visibility update

Example commands using performers:
/b b im - Sets a sphere brush that will replace a certain material with a certain data value such as 1:6 (polished andesite)
/v 4 - Sets the sphere block to cobblestone
/b 10 - Sets the sphere size to 10


Please let me know if I left out any basic/useful information, or should change anything.

For more info, and commands, visit:

As simple as the title get the citizens plugin for the hub to be used instead of armour stands.

The person who comes up with the best story wins

Once upon a time there was a little kitten stuck on a tree 

The person who continues this story, and got the best story wins ;D

Good luck.

Sleepy -Alex- Sleepy

(11-20-2019, 10:00 PM)SquadWolf Wrote: The person who comes up with the best story wins

Once upon a time there was a little kitten stuck on a tree 

The person who continues this story, and got the best story wins ;D

Good luck.

Sleepy -Alex- Sleepy

Once upon a time there was a little kitten stuck on a tree , the kitten needed help for sure it meowed and meowed until a nice lady came and heard the cat and helped it down with a ladder she found nearby the tree and helped the kitten down, and took it home to take care of it and then she went with it to the vet to get it to it's home again if it got one. - YES I suck at stories hahahaha, try better okai lmao

I don't think this is quite right. lol.

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