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Here are some things I've learned over time that have helped me in building.
Note: A lot of these are based on what I've learned and could be subjective to my ideals, but don't overlook them for that. I think it's important to learn how other people do things, so then you can make it your own.

Quick link to this thread:


- Theme -
Theme should always be the first step in a build.

Your theme might be:

  • Fantasy (anything from dwarven villages, to futuristic cities.

  • Modern

  • Medieval

  • Or just personal style (free-form building. Could also be considered fantasy)
When building, always use reference images for inspiration, or reference.
Ask yourself this question, “how can I make this thing look good, and possibly realistic or practical?”
Going on to Google and image searching for whatever you’re building (city, or fantasy misc), is the key to learning how to build better.

Building from your head is like carving rock with a spoon, while a hammer and chisel lay right beside. It’s slow and inefficient, and a better option is easily within reach.


- Scale -
One of the first things you should always think about when starting a build is "how big should this be?". Scale can have vast effects on detail, depth, texture, etc.

- If your build is too small: Details will be limited to single blocks with slabs and stairs.
- If your build is big: Any detail is possible depending on how much space you give.

I always make my builds big enough for details and other things.


- Structure -
This one is a big one to handle when building, and can be challenging to get a grasp of.

When creating structure, use empty shapes and outlines for planning until ready to detail.

I’d recommend using Google images and floor plans to learn structure.


- Detail -
This one I think is often misunderstood in terms of application.

First off,
If your build is small: You will have to get creative with singular blocks such as, stairs, slabs, fences, etc.
If your build is big: Abandon the stairs, slabs, and singular blocks. You'll want to be working with mostly full blocks, and using them to make thicker lines and details on the larger scale.
Filling a giant wall with tiny stairs and slabs will look like gravel on a beach; basically indistinguishable at a distance. Using thicker lines and larger shapes will make your build easier to recognize at a distance, and also give it a better sense of size.

A manager of a build team once said to me "detail should only be used to express parts of a build"
In other words, when detailing something, it's not just about filling in an empty area, but rather to shape the build, and add character and structure to it and contrast to it.

For example: If I need to detail a wall, I'll play around with some lines and rectangles to maybe outline the top and bottom of the wall, and add windows.
Details should start out with solid simple shapes, and change in to anything else depending on the theme. 

Last words: When using detail, it should usually be easily distinguishable from other parts of the build.
Using solid connected shapes instead of small cut up messy shapes works much better.


- Contrast -
This is one that many people may not know about. Contrast means the state of being strikingly different from something else. In other words: Black next to white, or an indent next to an outdent.

Contrast is used to direct your eyes where to look, and to separate important parts of a build from less important ones.

Ways of using contrast:
  • Outlining a window with dark oak wood, on top of a stonebrick wall,

  • Coloring an indented area a darker color  than the rest.

  • Putting a rim around the top of a wall which reaches a few blocks out from the wall.

- Depth -
Depth means pushing a part of a build inwards/outwards a number of blocks from the rest of the build.
Depth should almost always be used in a build, as it creates contrast, and shape.

Depth should be used exactly like contrast. Depth=contrast, contrast/=depth.

Ways of using depth:
  • Pulling out a window a number of blocks outwards from the wall

  • Adding pillars and/or roof lips (out-stretched edges)

- Texture -
There are many ways of doing texture.

Most people do:
//set <block>,<block>,<block>
This is fine for certain textures like consistent gravely surfaces.

But (most) textures need larger particles, and larger blobs.
//br splatter <block>,<block>,<block> <size>
This command will create larger blobs of material instead of fine gravely textured ones.


- Color -
Color can be used just like contrast.

Color can be used to:
  • Separate parts of a build

  • Make parts of a build easier on the eye

  • Draw the eye to areas of the build

  • Create mood, and theme
When choosing color, never go too overboard on smaller sized builds. Always choose a careful amount of color that will fit the theme of the build.
  • A small palette of colors for a small build (like a house, singular building, ship, etc)
  • A larger palette of colors for a larger build (such as a town, city, or fantasy organic/terrain build)

If there's anything I missed, or could change, please let me know.

Voxelsniper is a plugin which functions like WorldEdit or FAWE (fast async worldedit). Voxelsniper mainly focuses on organics/terrain creation.

Some commands are only available with full WorldEdit or Voxelsniper, which is available through /buy.

Quick link to this thread:
Start by getting a voxel arrow from /voteshop, and also grabbing some gunpowder.
Gunpowder does the opposite of what the arrow does.

<> = Required
[] = Optional

ARW = Arrow wand
GP = Gunpowder wand


/b <brushname> - Sets brush
/b <#> - Sets brush size
/v <#> - Sets material
/vl  <#> - Sets data value
/vr <#> - Sets replace material
/vlr  <#> Sets replace data value

/vs  - Displays current settings
/u [#] - Undos a certain number of times


/b s - Single block
/b b - Sphere
/b d - Cylinder
/b v Cube
/b vd - Cube-Cylinder
/b r - Ruler brush
/b over d<#> - Overlay with <#> depth
/b l Line brush
/b drain - Drains liquid
/b dome h<#> - Dome with <#> hight
/b bb - Smooths and blends materials. (bb stands for "blendball")
/b e melt/fill/smooth/lift - Erosion presets.
- Melt: ARW Erodes an area |GP Fills an area.
- Fill: ARW fills an area | GP melts an area.
- Smooth: Reduces particles in an area, and makes it less rough looking.
- Lift: Pulls blocks in an area outwards or upwards depending on the direction of the face of the block.

Example commands:
/b over d5 - Sets to overlay brush with a depth of 5
/v 1 - Sets overlay block to stone.
/b 10 - Sets overlay size to 10.


m_ - Material replaces
 - Data value replaces

o_ - Material & Ink replace
__p - No physics mode
_m - Material is replaced

_i - Data value is replaced
_o - Material & ink are replaced
__u Forces visibility update

Example commands using performers:
/b b im - Sets a sphere brush that will replace a certain material with a certain data value such as 1:6 (polished andesite)
/v 4 - Sets the sphere block to cobblestone
/b 10 - Sets the sphere size to 10


Please let me know if I left out any basic/useful information, or should change anything.

For more info, and commands, visit:

As simple as the title get the citizens plugin for the hub to be used instead of armour stands.

The person who comes up with the best story wins

Once upon a time there was a little kitten stuck on a tree 

The person who continues this story, and got the best story wins ;D

Good luck.

Sleepy -Alex- Sleepy

(11-20-2019, 10:00 PM)SquadWolf Wrote: The person who comes up with the best story wins

Once upon a time there was a little kitten stuck on a tree 

The person who continues this story, and got the best story wins ;D

Good luck.

Sleepy -Alex- Sleepy

Once upon a time there was a little kitten stuck on a tree , the kitten needed help for sure it meowed and meowed until a nice lady came and heard the cat and helped it down with a ladder she found nearby the tree and helped the kitten down, and took it home to take care of it and then she went with it to the vet to get it to it's home again if it got one. - YES I suck at stories hahahaha, try better okai lmao

I don't think this is quite right. lol.

Hey Everyone,

As you may have already seen on discord earlier this week, we have finally finished our renovations on the Skyblock server. We are satisfied with the hard work and time that we have put into it and we hope that you will all join us to help celebrate a new launch with a clean slate. The server will be resetting on Thursday 7th November at approximately 5pm EST and 2pm PST, other countries can use a timezone converter to find out the time for themselves.

On discord I gave a brief overview of what’s been added in the most recent reset, however, this forum post will be more detailed in what we’ve done and how you can do certain tasks, as well as how everything works. So lets get stuck right into it.

Version 1.12:
We have started by updating the server to 1.12.2 which is the most stable build that minecraft has seen in a long time. We were previously on version 1.8 which caused us a few headaches and could have also cost us some players in some events due to limited block choices as well as performance. The only good thing about 1.8 was the old combat mechanics, which we will all soon get used to the new one.

New Challenges:
As you may have noticed upon logging into the server and performing /challenges you would have seen the new layout for the new challenges GUI which is nice and clean as well as very informative. You can complete the same challenge multiple times and get rewards/money each time the challenge is completed. There are 5 different tiers in the challenged GUI which are Novice, Competent, Expert, Advanced and Elite. In order to rankup to the next tier, you must complete each challenge at least once. Please note that not all challenges will give you the same reward as the first time you completed, your first reward is often a big reward, followed by multiple small rewards for each time you complete it afterwards.

Spawner Menu:
This is a custom plugin that allows players to purchase spawners, you can find this menu by performing /spawnershop in-game. Upon opening the menu, you will notice two sections, an “Unlocked” section and a “Locked” section. These have been separated into “Common” and “Rare” spawners. In order to unlock the rare spawners, you will need to collect a certain amount of heads for each spawner, the number and types of heads required can be found by hovering over them. You can get mob heads by killing certain mobs around your island. To deposit the heads, perform the command /spawnershop deposit (amount) (mobtype) the amount being the number of skulls you want to deposit and the mob type being the mob spawner you are depositing it to.

A nice little plugin for some fun between players, basically a heads or tails game in which players can place bets on. You can access this by doing /coinflipper in-game. Not too much to go into here, upon placing your bet/game it’ll go into the main menu of the plugin and another player will be able to select your game to play against you.

Pretty self explanatory really since I'm sure most of you have already played on the survival server, or used mcmmo sometime in your life. But for those of you who haven’t, it’s a plugin which allows you to level up skills for completing various tasks in your day-to-day minecrafting. Skills such as Mining, Excavating, Woodcutting and heaps more! There’s heaps of leaderboards and players like to have some friendly competition to see who comes out on top of certain skills.

Custom Islands:
This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time and we’ve finally got it! There are three different difficulties of islands that players can choose from, Easy, Moderate and Extreme. These different islands allow us to expand into a variety of different age and skill groups. The easy island is a medieval style island with basically everything done for them, they’ve got a nice stylish house, big tree and a cobblestone generator already built for them. For those of you who like to do things yourselves, and to have a moderate challenge, then the moderate islands would be perfect for you! They’re a small sized island, similar to the old default islands but they each have their own theme, along with a small tree and all the essentials to get you started on your journey! And of course we’ve got something for those of you who like a challenge (Zombomb) we’ve got an extremely hard island in which you start out with absolutely nothing. You start out on a bedrock block, surrounded by two dirt blocks, 1 empty chest and a dead bush. Goodluck!

We have always had a PvP arena but there was never any real incentive to use it, but now there is! We have added Envoys which kind of act like a supply drop crate which will spawn throughout the arena. Players will need to fight each other in order to take all the crates and loot for themselves. These crates are a great way to get a head start into the game with rewards varying from dirt, food, armor and tools to crate keys and more. Envoys will occur every hour as long as a certain amount of people are online. You can view the countdown by performing /envoy or view the countdown in the holo at /warp pvp.

We have decided to remove the feeder minion as it can be a little OP considering the amount of minions we’ve added in for this reset. We have added in a few cool different types of minions that you can gain from the in-game /ranks as well as the /buy shop. These minions are Miner, Farmer, Slayer and Woodcutter. You are able to gain the Miner and Woodcutter minion from the in-game ranks as well as the in-game crates.

Sell Wands:
We have added sellwands, which allow players to bulk sell items out of chests with a single click of a button instead of having to move it into your inventory, and then sell it through the shop. Sell Wands can be gained through the in-game crates, envoys as well as the /buy menu. All in-game sell wands have a limited amount of uses on them whereas the one in the buy shop is unlimited uses. Keep in mind that you can’t sell all items, it’s only for specific items that a player may have bulk of, things like mob drops, cobblestone, iron, anything that would come out of a spawner etc.

Economy Buff:
As seen from experience as well as Survival, I’ve noticed that no one likes to sit there and grind for days, weeks, months etc. Players want to make money, rankup, upgrade without a challenge (people are lazy). That’s the whole idea with this new reset, we’re saying goodbye to the thousands, hundreds and cents and saying hello to the millions and billions. We will continue to monitor the economy however, and make changes when necessary to ensure that people are progressing too quickly, we still need to find an equal balance between selling prices, and the upgrade/rank prices.

That’s all the major updates and details that you need to know for now. The rest is all the boring minor things like updating plugins, making a few tweaks in configs here and there, stuff that’s not important. I hope you will all take the time to jump on the server and give Skyblock a second chance. If you have any suggestions or feedback you can contact me on discord. I’m always willing to make changes and additions as needed. This server is for you guys, not me, you tell me what you want, I’ll get it done!


Lately, I've noticed an uptick in PvP interest on the survival server and I think we could really have fun with that aspect of the game. It could be a cool way to attract people to the server as well as make the game more skilled base with rewards. I know Rurion town has a sick arena and Korrai says it's almost done so maybe we could do it there? I would think we would do rounds, so like 16 players are all split up into duos and the winners of that round are split into duos again and so on until the final two are left. The winner could get a big prize depending on the number of players. We could have even more fun with this doing things like teams or incorporating bosses in some way. Maybe it is a stupid idea but I think it might be cool.


so if you watch the video i attached you can see somthing going on with a bugged out pigman.

trying to kill this i lost 40 levels and a vote set and my self respect

watch the full

I think the low tier bosses are easy due to the fact the most people have good gear and damage buffs from potions etc. Is it possible to make them more difficult? -Survival-

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