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Skittio Undecideds
Respect all players
I was banned because I read DalMutis name wrong and wrote “welcome DalNut”. I don’t think reading someone's name wrong is against the rules Undecided

TO STAFF : I was wondering if there was a way for me to get my old rank back. Once the Server updated I lost my previous rank. It was the warden rank, so a bought rank. I am only hoping to get that rank back seeing as it wasn't ingame money. If this is not a request that can not be done, that is perfectly fine. I simply wanted to mention it and request that I can get it back. Thank you! Tongue

1. What is your in game name? eputty123
2. When were you banned (month/day/year)? 7/14/2019
3. By whom were you banned? Thuzio
4. For what was your ban given? Alt accounting
5. Why should you be unbanned? Complete miscommunication between staff, my alt was banned with my main and my main got unbanned but they left my alt out of it when i got unbanned. So if i'm banned because staff frogot to unban my alt then this is going to be an issue that i brought up yesterday to my original banner when I got unbanned [Sillysheep]. Please figure out if I'm rebanned for my "approved" Appeal again or talk to the staff about this. Thanks!

Hello everyone! My name is Yoshi(no real name 4 you Wink ) anyways, you can refer to me as Yosh or something along those lines. I hate 9-year-old online daters and I don't get how an avatar can be "hot". I like playing minecraft, I'm an absolute sweat at bedwars, and I hate fortnite and the 6 yr olds that play it. 

Here are some of my likes:

Sometimes pokemon
My doggo

Things I hate:

Bad humans
Most little kids
Most youtubers
People that have way to much pride for their country.

Anyways, doggo lives on! 


1. Qinitum (changed my name to Fluvous today)
2. 21/06/2019
3. Not a ban but my IP was blocked, it was blocked by VexiusAntiBot
4. I have no idea, probably for changing my name and then it thought I was a bot 
5. Because I have committed several hours into this server and I have reached is no 8 on the leaderboards

It would be much appreciated if my IP was unblocked thank you, because I have done no wrong.
regards Qinitum or Fluvous


My IGN: JasonDaSonjay22

Player reporting: Osome7

Why: being inappropriate


1. What is your in game name?  eputty123  EPutty
2. When were you banned (month/day/year)?6/10/2019
3. By whom were you banned?Lizzy165
4. For what was your ban given?Violating server terms of conduct
5. Why should you be unbanned? I was banned today after being offline for 5 days or so, and I am also banned form the discord when i hardly ever posted anything there. I don't think i did anything to "Violate server terms of conduct" that i'm aware of, and if I did I wasn't logged in... So I don't know what happened or the context other then the ban message. If i could at least get an explanation I'd be 'ok" if it was proven to be reasonable and done by me. I just was looking for recent Vexius updates on discord when i noticed I wasn't on it anymore...

As the final touches come close for the official release of the 1.14 survival server, I feel like some things should be noted.
We all know that when it comes to world resets, full player resets are usually going to be a thing as well. However, I do
not think that we should have full player resets. Some players spend hundreds of dollars getting rare items such as gear
and spawners from crates. These items are usually very rare and to have a full player reset for each world reset isn't a 
good idea in my option especially since getting these items as a F2P player is even more difficult. 

On the topic of items, if new op gear is added to the crates, there are a few things that need to be pointed out for some
of the new gear in 1.14. Crossbows specifically. We know that the op gear usually comes with op enchantments, like higher
than normal enchantments, but when it comes to Quick Charge, things get a bit overpowered. The max level for Quick Charge
is III, and with good reason since with Quick Charge V, loading becomes instant, and anything above V failing to load at all.
Although I like that it is kind of a callback to alpha when bows were instant, with Quick Charge V, it becomes one of the most
overpowered things the entire game ever. Some with extremely fast click speeds, or with auto clickers will take quick advantage
of this, and with tipped arrows of damage or healing, this would make each arrow deal 11 points of damage extremely quickly. 
Thankfully all three arrows cannot damage an entity all at once since that would deal 33 points of damage extremely fast, but
the point still stands. If op crossbows are added, DO NOT give the crossbows Quick Charge V.

On the topic of items, I feel like, for each world and player reset, players should at least be able to choose 1 double chest to save.
This is because of what I stated previously. Having to spend hundreds of dollars on rare items from crates isn't a good thing if
we will have those items deleted each world reset. This almost made me quit since hard grinding is "hard" for me to do. I'm sure
other players feel the same. 

Anyway, until next time,
P.S., I'm also super excited for the 1.14 update so keep up the good work guys!  Smile

[Image showing the potential of Quick Charge V]
[Image: ca67cc73ce6f154c50daef8240316196.gif]

1. JEDIMagickYT or MityJIM
2. 19/5/19
3. Anti_Life
4. Using multiple accounts to avoid ban
So hey you got me again. I am indeed MityJIM. For the past week I was rebuilding my town on the account because I really thought I could get something working on Vexius again. Since my last ban in February i've really had the time to think about things and sort out alot of stuff in life. I knew I couldn't come back on my main so I got myself an alt. I was surprised when I hadn't got the ip ban right away so it made me think I could start a new life as a new person on the server and it worked out. I made no drama, rebuilt my town I really don't want it to fall again. I understand what I did wrong with all the drama and I learnt to keep the anger and whatnot in. For example yesterday Iambic came on whom i've had bad history with and I was quite close to saying something but I didn't because I learnt my lesson on not to open my mouth. Honestly though i've appealed because Toxic suggested it and I don't want to have a bad name going across Vexius which was why I was trying to see the opinions of me on the Jim account and they weren't too bad but alot of people forgot about my legacy everything I did for the server. I lied just now too but as I said I don't want to be whats known as Jedi anymore it turns me into something I don't want to be and i've learnt to control it. Sorry for doing all this and writing an essay. Thank you for your time

[Image: pRySOjI.png]
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