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Custom Enchantments (CE)
I really love this plugin and I think it's great for every server. It adds so many cool enchantments that will completely change resource gathering and combat for the better. 

The plugin definitely has power creep problems put they are all easily fixed by making easy adjustments. I recommend removing all of the op enchantments and making the books cost XP and not money. I personly think enchanting these days has gotten way to easy with the top enchantments costing only 3 xp. With this plugin you can set the cost to custom amounts. I find 30 XP is a good benchmark especially if it's getting reset to 0 like the old enchantment system. Having the weaker enchantments at 20 xp, the medium enchantments at 30 xp and the top enchantments at 40 is a perfect cost IMO. (Depending on the enchantments selected) (not sure if this link is up-to-date)

Hope to see this added!
Sorry to say but i dont agree with you. In the server having the best Vanilla tool or armor means nothing compared to someone with Boss tools . So the 3 xp cost doesnt mean much .... Custom enchants would probably be way to OP for the server because we have both Jobs and MCMMO and will deffinitely break the economy . Sure there are some really cool ones but I really dont think they are necessary..  Angel Angel
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Not sure if you've played with the plugin much but there are a lot of really bad enchantments. Like I said in the original post all of the really good ones would be removed. So I don't get your point about the economy breaking...

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