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Freebuild World Application
Welcome to our Freebuild Application application page

We would love you to be part of the freebuild experience, read and apply to start building

So, you’re interested in applying for our fancy Freebuild world? That’s awesome! But we have a few rules and requirements that we want you to read before you apply!
Rules and Information:

·      Regular players can look but they can’t touch – Meaning anyone can visit the freebuild world to look around, however players must apply before they are able to build.
·      New members of the freebuild world should seek to build their city or try and join someone who’s already got one.
·      We’re able to move your builds from the plot world into the freebuild world upon your request – Simply ask a staff member when you see them online!
·      Staff members will be able to make warps to people’s cities so people can visit each other’s builds and areas! – Ask a staff member next time you see them or create a ticket!
·      Players who join the Freebuild world are required to make a city or large-scale build – No 2x2 dirt shacks!
·      The world is for architecture (buildings) only. Not pixel art and statues. The idea is to create cities with infrastructure.
This includes inner cities, housing developments, schools, shopping centres, malls, airports, wharves and naval bases, anything that you can think of that will make your city amazing.
·      We take people’s privacy seriously, so please don’t build within viewing distance of another city, and if you see them online feel free to have a chat to them about their plans to make sure you don’t interrupt each other’s plans and ideas.

You can buy 5 sethomes with your tokens do /voteshop, the sethomes are for the freebuild world only.

·      You must be Designer+
·      Applications will be accepted at staff discretion.
·      Architect / vehicle builders. 

If you’ve read and understood the rules and information and you’ve ticked both the requirements boxes, then congratulations! Now onto the application.

Application Template:

Post Title: [Freebuild Application] “Your Username”
Example: [Freebuild Application] Zircon_X

Current In-Game Rank:

Playtime (Do /playtime in-game to see this):

Any previous builds you would like to share:

If you’ve already scoped out a nice area to build, please enter your coordinates here:

If you have any inspiration or pictures of plans for your builds, post them here:

Please don’t ask staff members about your application. We will review your application as soon as we can! If you have any questions regarding the application, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with a staff member on discord or leave a ticket in game.
We wish you all the best of luck on your application and we look forward to seeing you in freebuild!
~Creative Staff
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