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Introducing: Invasion
01-27-2019, 08:03 PM,
Introducing: Invasion
Invasion is a two team mode minigame. Invaders against defenders, defenders get the high ground and the invaders gets tools to try and win against the defenders. This game was featured on shocknetwork about 6 years ago. SNW has closed down since then and the idea is still here. I would really like to see this again. Heres how the game works: 1. The map for the game is 2 sides and the defenders side is higher than the invaders. 2. there is a small divider in the middle that divides the 2 sides. the defenders will get 2 sponges or 1 beacon that the invaders have to break. 3: if invaders breaks both sponges or the one beacon invaders win, if the defenders defend and the invaders do not break them the defenders win. Here are some screenshots of gameplay of this from like 2015-2016

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