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Hi there Smile Just wanted to stop in and say a few things about myself, as I'm hoping to play on this server quite a bit, and it might help to make friends.

I'm a single mom, which kind of eats into my gaming time a little bit. Weeks when my ex has the kiddos you may see a fair bit of me, but weeks when I have them I may not have a chance to come around until after bed time. They're a little too young to play online, for now, but someday, maybe, I'll make them go work the mines for me Tongue

I'm relatively new to Minecraft overall. Me and the kiddos have been playing on the 360, but I kind of felt like I had found everything on our little survival world so quickly. I was watching some videos and doing some reading, and I saw how pretty this game could look on PC, and how there are maps so big you might as well not even try to reach the edge... plus getting to play with other people online!!!! So, I bought it for the computer just the other day, and here I am... literally the first online server I've ever joined in this game (whoever made the promotional video, you did a really fantastic job!)

I'm not a fantastic builder or anything, but I guess I'm just really starting to get decent at the game overall, so hopefully that can improve some. I really, really love to just go mine, farm, fish, or bash up levels for enchanting and stuff.

I love to roleplay in games. I don't know if that's something that people really do much here or not, but if so, you should def hit me up.

I occasionally stream on twitch. Haven't decided if I want to do any of that with minecraft, yet, but I'll probably make some videos on youtube some time.

Ah! I'm just so super excited about this server, you have no idea!

Anyways, if you made it through all the way to the end, congratulations. I don't have any cookies to hand out, as I'm still missing some of the ingredients, but I'm very proud of you. Thanks!! Smile
Welcome to Vexius! My names Pooptios in creative, so hit me up! You seem awesome, so if you'd like, you can make creative your main server! Anyways, I hope you enjoy playing as much as we do, have fun!
Sometimes, even the most promising things have an ending.. What sets you apart, is fixing it, and moving on.

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