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Shop Pricing
02-04-2019, 07:33 PM,
Shop Pricing
Could we think about revising some of the prices in /warp shop? I know some of this is the way it is for balance reasons, some things being more rare, etc., but some of the prices on things that take crafting to get to just don't make any sense. Examples:

Bookshelf - Stack of 64 sells for $7.50
Materials to craft a stack of 64 bookshelves:
9 stacks of sugarcane = $13.50
3 stacks of leather = $1.50
6 stacks of wood planks = $6.75 (extrapolating on price of raw oak logs)

This means the bookshelves, which sell for $7.50, cost $21.75 in materials to build. It takes a lot more effort to gather all the parts together and make the bookshelves than it does to just sell the raw materials, so it doesn't really make much sense to me why the pricing is the way it is? I would think crafted products ought to be more valuable, or at least the same value, as the materials required to build them.

One of the other crafted items, cake, is in a similar pickle:
64 eggs = $0.25
2 stacks of sugarcane = $3.00
3 stacks of wheat = $15.00
(not counting milk, because there is no price on it, though this contributes more to the process, etc.)

This comes out to $18.25+milk to bake 64 cakes, which then sell for (64*$0.25) = $16.00

So, you end up losing money baking cakes instead of selling their raw ingredients, and that's not even counting the 192 pails of milk one would have to procure to bake so many!

Anyways, thanks for reading! <3

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