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General Staff Issues
(to preface, I didn't know where to put this complaint, and also I won't be using the report format because it's about a more general topic rather than a report on one person specifically.)
I've been playing on Vexius for a week and I really enjoyed the experience, but there was one issue that I found. Of course, this is my opinion and I hope this doesn't come off as rude or disrespectful to anybody. In my opinion, I feel like the staff are undertrained in what they do and are disrespectful. I would understand if they were regular players saying the things that they do, but as staff members I feel like they should be able to put their feelings aside and deal with a situation without getting to the point of personally attacking people and being mean to the players of the server. I am aware that because I got muted 3 times, this report will probably be thought of as "petty" because i'm "upset" at the staff that muted me, but that isn't a factor in this. Muted or not, I still feel like the staff was unnecessarily rude. I was told several times that i'm annoying and should shut up, which genuinely made me feel upset because once a staff member said it, 3+ other plays began to bandwagon on that and make me feel bad about myself. I am not making this to try to repeal my mutes or anything, i'm just concerned for the future of the server with the staff that it has. Another issue that I found is that the staff tend to handle situations poorly. I attempted to dm a staff member on discord about my mute issue because I thought it was unfair. After about an hour of talking, they decided to stop talking to me because "they can't find a middle ground if i'm not willing to budge either". I find that ridiculous because I was trying to find a middle ground, but since they couldn't have it that way, there wasn't a middle ground to them. Also, they said "i'm not willing to budge either" which reveals they had no intentions of budging in the first place, which proves our entire conversation to be pointless if they went into it with the intention of not even attempting to hear me out and actually consider things that I was saying. To close off the conversation, they said "if you add me back to this i'm blocking all of you until further notice" which I think is very unprofessional. If you are a staff member, in my opinion, you should be able to handle situations without threatening to block people if they add you into a group chat. They then told me that I could've pmed them, but I was too afraid too considering they threatened to block me, and I didn't want them to block me because then I wouldn't be able to talk to them about issues. There was also another staff member who I won't name who said something that personally offended me, and even other players thought that what they said was extremely out of line. The staff member told me that "everyone should block me" in the context of a conversation that was talking about how annoying I was because I spread my sentences out in 2-3 lines rather than in one long paragraph. What the staff said to me basically meant that everybody finds me annoying and that nobody should talk to me, which hurt my self esteem quite a bit considering it was from someone of a higher ranking than me which I respected. I know that when someone reads this, points will be brought up such as "but you were a handful so you can't expect staff to deal with you" and "you were being disrespectful to them so why should they be respectful to you", so i'll break down the answers to those questions ahead of time. Just because I was a handful doesn't mean that staff should blatantly disrespect me and give up talking to me. They signed up for this job and knew what they were getting into, they knew that Minecraft is a game with a lot of children, so they should expect people to act like children. It's not my fault that they couldn't handle the pressure of not being able to deal with somebody who just speaks in 2-3 lines at a time. As for the second question, I wasn't being disrespectful to staff whatsoever. I never called anybody on the team of staff names or said any personal attacks towards them. I see that bringing up points and attempting to resolve an issue may be considered disrespectful to some, but I personally think it isn't. One final point I would like to bring up is that on the staff applications, there is a scenario question which reads "you just started out as Helper on Vexius - A well-known member starts to spam chat and disrespecting people. Eventually, you mute him after warning him. After the mute, their town members start to tell you to unmute him and you are a bad staff member. What do you do?" which I find ironic. I was in a similar type of situation where people thought that I was spamming, and just out of curiosity I looked at some responses of accepted applications. I saw that a lot of the responses were to "ignore it" and "be calm and explain things" which is the exact opposite of what happened. I find this to be hypocritical because the staff members who treated me poorly did the exact opposite of what they said they would do in the scenario question on their application. Anyway, I just wanted to bring this to attention since I thought it might be detrimental to the server, which I wouldn't want to happen because I believe the server still has potential. I am not trying to cause harm with this post, I just want the staff members to be trained better and I want more research to be done on the people who are being hired for staff, considering a lot of them aren't able to do their job properly without losing their cool. Thank you for reading my report and I hope something gets done about this.
You can find screenshots here and here 
I hope this helps with staff issues, and if not I apologize for wasting your time.
(p.s I blocked out names from the screenshots because I don't want action just to be taken on individuals, but on the entire staff team for better training and research being done about individuals applying for staff and their behaviours in certain situations.)
Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I was not around during most of the situation but I did read up on pretty much all of what happened and I have to say that you're right in that you were a handful and unfortunately, this is just a result of that. If you would have actually been willing to resolve the issue without trying to make a statement or whatever it was you were trying to do, you would have found that our staff is friendly, understanding, and most importantly, eager to resolve any conflict in a peaceful manner. We value kindness and respect in our community and the entire situation you and your friend created and put staff through was completely unnecessary, disrespectful and frankly a waste of time. I am sorry if you felt offended but if you had respected the staff's initial request, I guarantee everything would have been dealt with differently. It was obvious you two were just toying with them for the most part and that offends me personally. Trying to challenge staff and the server's rules on discord or in-game is not going to end well for anyone. Though I do think your situation could have been handled better, I am happy with how they stood up to you two. I am kind of annoyed that you are trying to play the victim in a situation you and your friend created yourselves. I like to think I am a very patient person but I must admit, reading over what you guys said and how you acted in general really got to me. Our staff members signed up to help the server and it's players, not to babysit people acting like children. The staff here are just dedicated players who are really just looking to make sure people have a great overall experience and if I recall correctly, other players were quite annoyed with you two as well. Obviously, that wasn't enough to keep you two from acting up, which makes me think you were and are only interested in yourselves. I don't think you realize how patient staff actually was with you (speaking to you for an hour over something as simple as following the chat rules??). Telling people to block you was probably the best thing to do since you both were really just being a nuisance. I know you, in particular, had been playing on the server for quite some time before the drama so I am assuming it was mostly your friend just trying to stir up some trouble. In the end, I am sorry for your bad experience with us but I can't find anyone else to blame but yourself. Thank you for your concern with the future of our server but I think we'll be okay. I hope you are able to find a server with a staff that accommodates your needs/wants. Good luck!


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