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Shadow Walker
[Image: ShadowWalk.png]
Emerald Twirl
[Image: EmeraldTwirl.png]
Rain Cloud
[Image: RainCloud.png]
Blood Helix
[Image: BloodHelix.png]
[Image: Enchanted.png]
[Image: Music.png]
Party Time
[Image: PartyTime.png]
In Love
[Image: InLove.png]
Crushed Candy Cane
[Image: CrushedCandy.png]
Frost Lord
[Image: FrostLord.png]
Legendary Aura
[Image: LegendaryAura.png]
Demon Rings
[Image: DemonRings.png]
Yin and Yang
[Image: YinYang.png]
Flame Rings
[Image: FlameRings.png]
[Image: Tornado.png]
Flame of Magic
[Image: Flameofmagic.png]
Angel Wings
[Image: AngelWings.png]
Vampire Wings
[Image: VampireWings.png]
Protective Shield
[Image: ProtectiveShield.png]
Black Hole
[Image: Blackhole.png]
Flame Flairy
[Image: Flameflairy.png]
Flame of the Demons
[Image: Flameofdemons.png]
Aura of Flame
[Image: Auraofflam.png]
Big Heart
[Image: Bigheart.png]
A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress....

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