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/fly on survival
Hey all Smile

First of all: i really don't wanna start any drama. This topic is just something that bothers me for some time now. So i feel there should be a talk about it to clear things up.

Staff team is able to do /fly and thats good. Its often needed for staff-purpose. But meanwhile it gets used to build. And tbh - I don't like that. It's an huge advantage being able to fly while building a town/base. I remember like last summer, where it definitely was a rule, that flying isn't allowed to use to build. But time has changed i guess.

As i said, i dont wanna start any drama on here so here are also two solutions i would suggest:

1: Simple solution; you are not allowed to build with /fly - its survival after all.

2: Make it an option to buy it in store, so other people could also benefit from it.

I hope my point is understandable. Just again - no offense at all. Just wanted it to be said.


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