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Claims Rework
I've been playing on this server for about two months now, and it's been quite a good time. One thing that really gets to me, however is when I find a base with a ton of really valuable loot that's been claimed by someone who's been offline for 5 months. The fact that someone with over 5000 claim blocks has permanent claims is kind of infuriating, because those are the only people who's bases would be worth anything if they were to quit and have their base unclaimed. I know the philosophy behind this decision, and I can agree with it to some extent, but having the claim be permanent is a real buzzkill to anyone who comes across the base long after the player has clearly quit. I would like to suggest a change to how the claims work. If it's at all possible, you could have the claim timer be extended based on how many claim blocks the person has. For example, if a player has less than 5000 blocks their base would unclaim after 2 months, Someone with between 5k and 9,999 blocks could have their bases unclaimed after 4 months, and people with over 10,000 blocks would have 6 months before their base was unclaimed. I think this is a fair change to the system you already have in place, and it would save for a lot of disappointment after coming across a base worth looting, but impossible to loot.
HI Shogum, yes this is something worth considering, we will talk it over and get back to you.
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I'd say I'd have to be the devil's advocate here Shogum. I can definitely get the appeal to exploring and looting bases as I've done so on other servers. However, I really appreciate the protection of the 5000 claim blocks rule. For one, just because a person is inactive on one server (in this instance how vexius has prison, skyblock, survival, etc.) doesn't mean they are inactive on the server as a whole. I am currently very active on skyblock, but have barely been active on survival much recently at all. Also regardless of how having been inactive for multiple months might feel as if someone is never coming back, we don't know what is going on in that individual's life. They could be experiencing some kind of tragedy or hardship that has prevented them from coming back. There's really no knowing without getting some kind of announcement from them which may not be possible.

Additional I believe some builds should be left for posterity's sake. As a piece of server history (until a reset) and this suggested change would force staff to be hyper aware of builds that would be under that category and on a server with so many unique players that would be impossible. Also 5000 claimblocks is a pretty significant dedication in playtime to earn. Perhaps it might be more appropriate to increase the requirement to 10k for those of us who truly want to protect our builds.

For reference I have a huge base that I began when I joined my very first server over a year ago now. The original method for land protection was chunk based, but after issues with the plugin it was switched to Grief Prevention like we have on Vexius. However because of the enormous amount of land I had purchased and the new and incredibly high price this server had on claim blocks, I had to fight tooth and nail to get the money to re-claim all that land with GP. Again due to the change in protection style (from chunk based to block based) my base area that I owned was a very odd shape and in order to protect it with GP I had to make about 15-20 strips of chunks to cover the area that I had claimed (as each area began and ended at various chunk boundaries in order to make my mythical contenient I was working on). On this server your claims only were protected for 30 days with GP and after that they could be reclaimed no matter how huge your claims were (and I had multiple enourmous claims - easily 25k claim blocks). Because of another issue I chose to more or less quit that server, but I didn't want to lose the protection of those builds that I had spent many hours on. However, trying to keep logging in to that server to revisit all of my claimed areas when I didn't enjoy being on that server proved too challenging, and ultimately I lost ownership of one of the builds I cherished (and may have lost more by now as I am scared to revisit and find out). I honestly am so saddened to see when a build has been left (for reasons you might never come to know) and instead of just 'taking the best stuff' what happens to these builds is that they are shredded and left as rubble.

I can understand the frustration especially when a build is a poorly made shamble of a shanty house that you can't get access to, but ultimately my feelings regarding looting 'bulids that are the only ones with anything good in them' is that if looting is what you're really into then a server that 'allows looting' might be an okay choice, but the best choices would be the free for all that is factions.

I've spent time on that very first server, as well as on vexius cleaning up and protecting builds worth saving, but also completely removing ones that have been left and griefed. I think if that's not the attitude you're willing to have towards builds on a server, especially when there's an option for protection, then it's maybe not the very best fit for your play style.

Idk, sorry this is long, I'm just rather passionate about this type of thing.

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