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Turn off the "so-and-so is opening a crate!" announcements in chat.

Way higher (if not 100%) chance for a boss key for whoever kills the boss or does the most damage.
The crates notification is used as an advertising technique, it's showed so that players can find out that they can not only win them from vote crates, but that they can purchase them by donating in the /buy section. I guess it's also like a flex on other people, bit of a brag that you've opened a rare chest, which sparks some conversations in chat about the crates such as "Oh nice, what did you get?" or "How do I open one of those crates?"

As for the boss key drop rates, they're not super rare, it's just the luck of the draw. I believe the more people that are in the boss event, the more chance of someone getting a key increases. Keep in mind that the boss crate is really OP and that we don't want every player running around with Naz pickaxes as it would defeat the purpose of attending a boss fight, plus the items wouldn't be as rare as what they currently are. Overall, it's just a bit of a grinding process, it took Farmer and I about a week or two of going to boss fights whenever we were online in order to get a Naz pickaxe.

I agree with Zircon_x. Boss crates aren't meant to be easy. While we encourage everyone to participate in the boss events, new people shouldn't be able to progress to end game right away given how op the gears are. I actually think they're too easy the way it is. People can get really op gears without mining a single diamond. So if anything the rates should go down in my opinion because it launches people straight to end game. This is coming from someone who didn't get a boss key for ~15+ bosses straight.
Maybe create a toggle command for the crate announcements? It gets pretty spammy in chat tbh.

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