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Auto seller for Skyblock
Many players on skyblock at the moment don't feel they are getting anything good from buying elder or mage. The rewards for them at the moment are really not worth all that money. 

However, putting a more substantial reward on mage or elder would encourage players to purchase it knowing it is worth the money. 

The auto seller will be a minion just like the miner minion that would sell items in a chest that would be assigned to the minion. Here are my thoughts on the functionality of it:
  • When the autoseller minion sells items in the chest automatically it will sell them at 5% less than if a player were to sell it. E.g Player sells an iron ingot it will sell for $1. If a autoseller minion sells an iron ingot it will sell it for $0.95.
  • It would need to be fed like the miner minion but no where near as regularly. To achieve this I think you could give it a maximum of 30 steak or 10 cakes at one time. This would make the minion work for longer without the constant feeding.
  • To assign the minion to a chest, it will have to be directly next to the minion.
Thanks for your time reading and hope to see your reply soon.

Vasouz Smile
Great suggestion Vas! +1

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