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TRIXfade Ban Appeal (False Ban?)
04-14-2019, 12:13 AM,
TRIXfade Ban Appeal (False Ban?)
In-game name: TRIXfade
Date of ban: 4/13/2019
Banned by: Lizzy165
Ban reason: Using hacks, setting lava and water on unclaimed plots
Why I should be unbanned: After I got bored of skyblock, i went into creative when trying to load into survival, claimed a plot and left to go play survival. I never trusted anybody on to my plot and nobody has access to my computer or minecraft account. I never went back to creative after making a plot and leaving that i am aware of. I was in a discord call, playing survival with Eputty123 and screensharing at the time of the ban. After this, Eputty123 went into creative and talked to staff about my ban and how i was playing survival with him at the time of it. I was in the call with Eputty123 as he checking on this and he told me that the staff were saying that I trusted 4 people on to my plot, this is not correct, i never trusted anyone on to my plot as i was only on creative for a minute and went to play survival. I have not played on PC for that long so I dont know any commands, when i met Eputty the day before the ban he helped me understand very basic commands and i still dont fully understand them, surprizingly i dont know any creative commands and the command i used to claim a plot was from a different server, i coudlnt have used the commands to trust people in under a minute. I hope you realize that this was not possible for me to do in the time i played on the creative server. Thank You
04-14-2019, 12:25 AM,
RE: TRIXfade Ban Appeal (False Ban?)
On behalf of the staff team, we apologize for the misunderstanding,
the problem that occurred was unfortunate regarding Trix being banned.
The event was that when we pressed tab to secure the name, it searches
the name across the whole server and we might've misplaced it
and assumed it was part of the group. For Eputty, On behalf of me and Skit,
they apologize for the way they replied to you, Eputty, and they will
act more professionally next time, adding on, they will watch
their actions, and learn from it. In terms of questioning
something you weren't involved in however is very frusturating as
we staff are constantly working the whole week for more than 8 hours
and we do not appreciate people coming onto our server to argue after
you were told not to not that before, and you were told there is an
appeal on the forums, and if they cannot access it, they can make
a ticket on the discord, which they were on. We apologize for the
mistakes, and we will try to look into it deeper in the next time,
as we pursue the happiness of all players.


Creative Staff Team
- Orange :3

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