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Im back :D
Heyho y'all,
Im 'xBelgianboy' and uhmm yeah i've been here before as some of you might know,
I decided to take a break due to being busy irl.

I found some spare time so i thought in myself hey lets check our old server for once.
ill be active again mainly on survival and maybe skyblock. so you might catch a glimpse of me there sometimes.

So yeah this is introductions so lets get to it i guess ;p

Im Matthias, 16 years old.
I live in belgium, West Flanders

im this tall schoolboy who likes playing minecraft

i love taking a ride on my bike and swimming.
not that all this matters but you know Smile

If you'd like to know something else feel free to dm me on Discord. or leave a message ingame.

Regards, me
Ahh! Welcome back! It's great to see you again Big Grin
Welcome back xBelgianBoy, I don't really know you but you seem like a cool guy. I will be looking forward to be seeing you in game.
Yeah, i kinda left the time you joined so yeah ;p but we'll see each other around i guess
Welcome back Belgian,

Good, that I got to message you over discord for you to join us again Tongue
Anyways, I'm glad you got back to Vexius.

- Toxic

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