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My Final Ban Appeal
1. JEDIMagickYT or MityJIM
2. 19/5/19
3. Anti_Life
4. Using multiple accounts to avoid ban
So hey you got me again. I am indeed MityJIM. For the past week I was rebuilding my town on the account because I really thought I could get something working on Vexius again. Since my last ban in February i've really had the time to think about things and sort out alot of stuff in life. I knew I couldn't come back on my main so I got myself an alt. I was surprised when I hadn't got the ip ban right away so it made me think I could start a new life as a new person on the server and it worked out. I made no drama, rebuilt my town I really don't want it to fall again. I understand what I did wrong with all the drama and I learnt to keep the anger and whatnot in. For example yesterday Iambic came on whom i've had bad history with and I was quite close to saying something but I didn't because I learnt my lesson on not to open my mouth. Honestly though i've appealed because Toxic suggested it and I don't want to have a bad name going across Vexius which was why I was trying to see the opinions of me on the Jim account and they weren't too bad but alot of people forgot about my legacy everything I did for the server. I lied just now too but as I said I don't want to be whats known as Jedi anymore it turns me into something I don't want to be and i've learnt to control it. Sorry for doing all this and writing an essay. Thank you for your time

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