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eputty123/EPutty Ban appeal: Unknown violation?
1. What is your in game name?  eputty123  EPutty
2. When were you banned (month/day/year)?6/10/2019
3. By whom were you banned?Lizzy165
4. For what was your ban given?Violating server terms of conduct
5. Why should you be unbanned? I was banned today after being offline for 5 days or so, and I am also banned form the discord when i hardly ever posted anything there. I don't think i did anything to "Violate server terms of conduct" that i'm aware of, and if I did I wasn't logged in... So I don't know what happened or the context other then the ban message. If i could at least get an explanation I'd be 'ok" if it was proven to be reasonable and done by me. I just was looking for recent Vexius updates on discord when i noticed I wasn't on it anymore...
Ok so if i was banned for inviting people to another server discord because I'm staff there it automatically means that i made the invites right? if so then here is the logs for every invite as filtered to the discord:
so if you have any questions on who actually made these invites for real here is all of them 3 days after the ban or so... captutred the pictures myself and sent them to some staff on vexius.

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