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Ban apeal
OK so i have been accused of self promotion which i have  already had to talk to someone about that. So i have already done that and then now i have been banned for self promotion from dm's which i understand. In a professional manner i say there is no rule against that and also i only know like 2 people from that and that would not be "using the sever from self-promotion". You have been very strict but i believe that is blinding you from the obvious. If i have i would like a list off all members that have revived an dm from me for self-promotion. Otherwise it is clear that you just have what i call bullying of the weak or as so as you think. If there is no proof than that is abuse of power as well. Keep in mind i have already had a ticket from a staff member from the discord server. Please present me proof if this is rejected other wise i will specifically talk to the owner. Read rule 8...

                                                        True_TNT the almighty argument...
Hello True_TNT, 
I would like you to look at both of these images very carefully. Make sure when you join a discord you read the rules properly not just the ingame rules.
This request will be denied unless you have anything else you would like to share.


- Orange :3
Hi, its Ticketedslinky6. I'm writing this here to make a ban appeal because I don't know how everyone else does it. Last Friday (10/11/2019) I was banned for fly hacking by Lizzy165. I am troubled by the fact that I will be unable to play for the rest of the weekend, despite deserving it. This morning, I felt so bad that I went ahead and uninstalled the client. Frankly, this server means a lot to me and i would like to be unbanned to continue to work on my ravine town, lake town, mountain town, castle and plains town. As to why that happened and how it won't happen again, let me tell you why. So I had come over to see how TheRaider72 was doing with the mountain town. He tested out his trident and we got into a little battle. we started using unlimited elytra flight and having a great time. Sadly, we got carried away and I forgot about the consequences. So, I am just going to ask of you to please unban me. If not, thats fair, and I will see you on Tuesday.
Hi, Ticketedslinky6 to ban appeal  use the links below

The format for a ban appeal

Ban appeal thread maker (link makes it so you make a thread to ban appeal)

[Image: Max-Resolution.gif]

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