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Voxelsniper - Command Information
Voxelsniper is a plugin which functions like WorldEdit or FAWE (fast async worldedit). Voxelsniper mainly focuses on organics/terrain creation.

Some commands are only available with full WorldEdit or Voxelsniper, which is available through /buy.

Quick link to this thread:
Start by getting a voxel arrow from /voteshop, and also grabbing some gunpowder.
Gunpowder does the opposite of what the arrow does.

<> = Required
[] = Optional

ARW = Arrow wand
GP = Gunpowder wand


/b <brushname> - Sets brush
/b <#> - Sets brush size
/v <#> - Sets material
/vl  <#> - Sets data value
/vr <#> - Sets replace material
/vlr  <#> Sets replace data value

/vs  - Displays current settings
/u [#] - Undos a certain number of times


/b s - Single block
/b b - Sphere
/b d - Cylinder
/b v Cube
/b vd - Cube-Cylinder
/b r - Ruler brush
/b over d<#> - Overlay with <#> depth
/b l Line brush
/b drain - Drains liquid
/b dome h<#> - Dome with <#> hight
/b bb - Smooths and blends materials. (bb stands for "blendball")
/b e melt/fill/smooth/lift - Erosion presets.
- Melt: ARW Erodes an area |GP Fills an area.
- Fill: ARW fills an area | GP melts an area.
- Smooth: Reduces particles in an area, and makes it less rough looking.
- Lift: Pulls blocks in an area outwards or upwards depending on the direction of the face of the block.

Example commands:
/b over d5 - Sets to overlay brush with a depth of 5
/v 1 - Sets overlay block to stone.
/b 10 - Sets overlay size to 10.


m_ - Material replaces
 - Data value replaces

o_ - Material & Ink replace
__p - No physics mode
_m - Material is replaced

_i - Data value is replaced
_o - Material & ink are replaced
__u Forces visibility update

Example commands using performers:
/b b im - Sets a sphere brush that will replace a certain material with a certain data value such as 1:6 (polished andesite)
/v 4 - Sets the sphere block to cobblestone
/b 10 - Sets the sphere size to 10


Please let me know if I left out any basic/useful information, or should change anything.

For more info, and commands, visit:
[Image: X06Pubc.gif]
A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress....

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