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Player Greifing/Trolling
BMM03Pumpkin repeatedly asked my friend and I if he could come see the build. We relented and allowed him to, to which he begged to be given access to help us. I said no but that I appreciate the offer and he didn't like this. Instead he stuck around, killed my sheep, flooded the land a bit before removing it when caught and built two stone towers. He also got in my way of mining/placing dirt despite being asked to leave. He's not been here for twenty-thirty minutes and has been repeatedly told to leave. He removed one of the towers, killed a sheep to get food and then made the second tower taller before claiming he would leave. 

I normally don't let this kind of petty behavior annoy me but I am playing on this server with a friend who is new to the game and not used to how childish some the playerbase can be given it's younger audience. It's also just a negative experience for someone who is new to the game. 

Here is a folder of the events, the text was compiled in order for easier reading.

As I am making this report, I look out my window to see he has made the tower wider. I claimed the land under him so he'd stop.

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