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VoxelSniper Useful Links
(Note: All commands might not be available! This is a link from wiki)

VoxelSniper is the premier long range map editing tool for Minecraft SMP. This plugin allows you to edit any block that you can see using an arrow (for replacing) and a gun powder.
VoxelSniper 5 introduces significant under-the-hood improvements, streamlining the number of brushes while increasing the number of brush options. Better documentation means it's never been easier to learn to use VoxelSniper. Experienced VoxelSniper users should scan the page for the tremendous new features in VoxelSniper 5!ions Instructions  

You can find most of the essential commands ingame using /help and navigate to the section called ''VoxelSniper''

We have found some usefull links for the players that might be interested in a more in depth tutorial:


Enjoy the game! And if you need any help or lack a certain command feel free to ask the staff!
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Help I don't have access to any of these commands
(03-21-2020, 11:27 AM)TumsBox Wrote: Help I don't have access to any of these commands

It says at the top of the page that you may not have access to all of these commands. You need to go into the /voteshop buy the yellow arrow that says 2x1 voxel sniper and then do /ck activate voxel to activate 1 hour of voxel sniper.
I can't do /voteshop either :(

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