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Youtube Rank Perks
Maybe for YouTube rank I was thinking of adding some new perks:
  • Add a cosmetic that has YouTube symbol on it
  • Allow /nickname
  • Allow sitting down it will add cool effect when recording
  • Make the YT rank more noticeable in chat
  • Make it so YT ranker can start events
  • Allow them to do /banner YouTube  and spawn in YouTube banners allowed to spawn in once a week
Cosmetics To Add For YouTubers:
  • YouTube symbol on head just like the banners
  • YT Balloon
  • Depending on there YouTube channel give them certain pets that most people don't have
This a list of what we could add so If you decide to use some of these suggestions I personally think 2 or 3 is the limit because we don’t want YT rank being to powerful but we want it to show appreciation that YouTubers support the server so I just wanted to make some of the ranks balanced and not too weak nor too powerful.

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