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Poll: One more chance for Squally?
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Yes I miss Squally so much why did he ever get banned.
No Squally is the bane of my existence I shudder at the thought of him being unbanned.
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Squally Ban Appeal #48
I can't post in Ban Appeals so here goes.

Please oh please let me back into this server. Not a day goes by that I don't regret the horrible things I've done to my family here on I thought it was bad being reminded of the pain of being separated from my family every time I launch my minecraft gaming client, but now vexius has begun to haunt my dreams. I wish nothing more to be a part of the vexius I call home once again, and will accept whatever consequences and restrictions are necessary for me to be welcomed back. Furthermore, I know I have broken the rules time and time again so I will make the following promises to be sure my actions are never repeated.

1- I shall no longer kill the dogs of other players. 
2- I shall no longer refer to other players as "teets". 
3- I will never again pretend to smell other players.
4- I will never again grief a player's entire base so badly they can't even remember where it originally was.
5- I shall no longer kill the cats of other players.
6- I shall no longer kill the parrots of other players.
7- I promise to mute my mic in the discord if and when my parents are violently disciplining my siblings.
8- I shall no longer use Thuzio's name in vain.
9- I will never again act as the patsy for people building swastikas in the nether.
10- I shall never again ask another player to call child protective services on my father.
11- I will never again make drug references to any recognized abusable substances by the World Health Organization.
12- I shall never disrespect staff again, even helpers. 
13- I shall no longer hit my bong when it is my turn for karaoke.
14- I shall never disrespect the parents of staff again, even helpers.
15- I promise to never disrespect members of Mojang ever again. 
16- I promise to never disrespect former members of Mojang ever again. 
17- I will forever cease rating the quality of my toilet paper in graphic detail in public chat.
18- I shall no longer refer to other players as "crunts" 
19- I will not make fun of AnnaTums's name.
20- I will be more accepting of the racist sentiments of staff members.
21- I shall no longer steal from players even if their base is unclaimed. 
22- I shall no longer trick players into unclaiming their bases.
23- I shall no longer steal the "How to Claim Land" book from players in an attempt to get them to not claim their base.
24- I will never again say there is a drop party at spawn when there isn't.
25- I will never again pretend there is a reset happening when a staff member says "restart".
26- I will never again announce a drop party and only drop dirt.
27- I shall never again share a picture of my own nipple pretending it to be a female's.
28- I will never again spend hours insisting the nipple picture I posted is in fact mine, a male's.
29- I shall never again use a fishing rod to kill players.
30- I shall never again hide blaze spawners around a player's unclaimed base.
31- I shall never again refer to other players as "lesser-Squally's". 
32- I shall never again push players to their death in spawn. 
33- I will never again fake my own death to the members of the vexius community.
34- I will never again refer to the items in the vote crate as "trash"
35- I will not make fun of AlexTums's name. 
36- I will not install and use the same hacked client that was permitted by former staff.
37- I will never again, directly or indirectly, cause harm to the animals of another player on the server.
38- I will never again threaten to ddos the server using purely peanut butter and a Nokia phone. 
39- I shall never again write a book about any of the players of the vexius community.
40- I will never again ask for other players to "spank" me.
41- I shall never again advertise my own presidential campaign on the server.
42- I will be more accepting of the homophobic sentiments of staff members.
43- I will never again make a drug reference even if the drug is legal in some or most parts of the world.
44- I will no longer strike against crate rewards by attempting to prevent other players from using them.
45- I will no longer pretend to have xray on my client when I don't.
46- I shall never again cry for more than 20 minutes on the discord.
47- I will never again spam chat with incoherent gibberish.
48- MOST IMPORTANTLY I will never again utilize the vote function for vexius, or vote on any sites advertising vexius ever again.

Thank you for your time.

P.S. Me and Birdwell had a falling out so I will never again be tainted by his corruptible influence, especially if he doesn't start paying child support.

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