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Server Changes
Hey ladies and gentlemen

In about 4 hours we will have about 5-10 min downtime, we will change some stuff on the server to make it run bungee (this doesn't affect anything and there will NOT be a hub or something like that) The reason we change it is to improve the performance and getting a better anti-bot plugin to work. This change will improve our server and security without any noticeable effect when it comes to gameplay or joining the server.

Nothing will change other than a faster server and improved security!

While we restart we will re-add:
1. Bosses
2. New kit GUI (so you can see cooldowns etc)
3. Our new premium spawner plugin (So we can get the slimes to work better - This plugin also allows us to stack 5 spawners into one spawner. And in the future you will be able to buy boosters for the spawner so you can increase spawnrate with 50% for like an hour)

These changes will be awesome, a good improvement to us and gives us the possibilites to add even more cool stuff!
- If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. -

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