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Vexius Offical Rules
Vexius Offical Rules

All rules that apply to the Vexius is documented on this thread and are all in effect. Nobody is exempt from these rules no matter what rank they are.

ALL players are assumed to have read the rules listed below to avoid breaking them and getting punished. The Vexius  administration has full rights to change any rule at any time when needed. Bypassing any of the following rules in any way, like an alternate account, signs when muted, etc, will cause you to be further punished.

1. Respect ALL users.
Everybody, whether they are staff or not staff are required to be respected. This includes not arguing and being too offensive to anyone.

2. Basic Chat rules:
By talking anywhere on the Vexius you agree to not spam which is 3 or more messages, use excessive caps which is 2-3 full messages with  caps lock, no discussing illegal activities such as drugs or guns. no extreme racism or sexism everybody is equal here, swearing is allowed as long as it isn't used to harm another player.

3. No Advertising:
There should be no advertising or posting of external links anywhere. The only exceptions being in discord if you're posting a picture to report someone or share a build etcetera. All content in these areas must be PG though.

4. Punishment evasion:
Evading any sort of punishment is not allowed and will have your punishment extended or made worse.

5. Talking about your application:
Talking about your application more than twice after posting it will get your application denied. There is a difference between asking "Where can I apply for staff?" or "How will I know if I got accepted?" and "When are applications checked?" or "Did I get accepted for staff?"

6. Asking for items or perks in-game:
Do not beg or ask for either staff ranks or donation rank.

Survival rules:

1. PvP, griefing, and stealing:
In Survival, PvP, Griefing, and stealing is not allowed in claimed areas. Do note, that you are responsible for your own people that you add.

2. AFK pooling:
Evading auto-afk in any way, afk pooling which is moving around in water endlessly, being the most common. We have time-based ranks and to earn time to earn those ranks you must be active. This doesn't mean you can't be afk at your wheat farm. But using auto clicker clients to fish / plant seeds is not allowed.

3. Hacked/Modded Clients:
Using a hacked client is forbidden. Most mods that can mod your client are forbidden too. Mods like optifine or shaders etc that don't affect gameplay are allowed, although game-changing mods are forbidden in the same way as hacked clients.

4. Excessive auto-farms or redstone contraptions:
Any use of excessive farms, such as pistons (50+ per claim) or clocks are forbidden. They will both be stopped.

5. Home/Teleport traps:
Any form of home or teleport traps are forbidden, Public warps for donors count in here too.

6. No Offensive builds or unnecessary destruction:
Any offensive build will be destroyed as soon as it is seen or reported. There should also be no 1x1 towers or other unnecessary destruction, this includes deliberate destruction of land around a players claim or town.

7. Glitches or Bugs:
If you find a glitch or bug, you MUST report it. If you abuse the any glitch or bug whether you find it or see it reported on the forums you may be banned and have whatever you earned from the glitch revoked. The same punishments will apply if you report it then tell people, or tell people then report it.

8. Scamming the server of donations:
Any form of scamming the server of money, such as trying to get knight rank for free saying that it never went through or the same thing for a donation rank is forbidden.

All server rules apply to anything administered by the Vexius. This means - Instagram - Discord - Twitter - Forum etc.
- If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. -

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