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New Manager
Hey Vexians - This could be an entire essay but I will try to keep it short.

Well - Since I have been busy with work, advertising the server, managing staff, forum, posts, fixing bugs, and a lot of other things I haven't really had that much time to improve the server and make it better (doing what I love the most) - I feel a bit like I let you guys down to be honest. You guys are being way too generous with donations, being active, giving me motivation every day and wishing us the best in the future.

I am not really sure how to thank you enough for this, but I am really grateful and I am so happy that you want to support this project!

So to change this I would need some help. I want to give you guys new features, cool stuff and make the server better in general, focus on advertising and having fun with you people.

So I have decided to get in touch with a good buddy of mine that would like to help me out. He will be promoted to manager and try to do all the stuff I dont have time to. He will be managing the forums, reading applications, managing staff and helping everyone out where he can. Hes a very active and hardworking guy!

We both decided that now hes gonna be the manager we will RESET ALL APPLICATIONS This means that you should all go ahead and make a new one if you are still interested in being staff.

So now applications will start to be taken into consideration more than ever.

I hope you all understand that I do this to get the best out of the server and I want to continue this for as long as you guys want to - We are working on some new game modes too but I can't say too much about that right now.

His ingame name is  captaindogfish (cool name right Tongue) I hope you all will greet him and let him be a part of this awesome community

If you have any questions feel free to ask him, and if you have any questions for me you can go ahead and ask too!

Disclaimer: I am not leaving the server or demoting any staff - We are simply just resetting all the applications!

Thank you once again for everything
- If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. -

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