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Vexius Monthly Update - June
Vexius Monthly Update - June

Monthly Updates?
Welcome to the first Vexius Monthly Update post! This is an attempt from myself, MonkeyFG, and the rest of the Staff team in keeping everyone informed and hearing back from you guys as well! Feedback is very important to us, so we’d love to hear how you think the last month went and what you think of the more major updates. These Monthly Updates will also cover changes in the staff and sometimes tease upcoming events and changes!

Several things have been added and tweaked during the month of June! For a complete list of these changes, click on the title for this section (Updates). As for the more notable updates, Thuzio has made this very helpful post that details all the Towny commands and what they do. If you are new to Towny, or just aren’t sure about a command, this is a very helpful link!

Vote Party is also a great new addition, make sure to vote and everyone will get rewarded. Apart from that, Vexius got a bit of a facelift, getting a new logo!

Feeling generous? The Charity plugin was added so that you could spread your wealth with the whole server! Just type /charity [amount] and your money will be equally spread amongst everyone online!

Cosmetics were also added, whether you’re a donator or just someone with a lot of extra votepoints. Type /cosmetics and the menu will open up, allowing you to see what is available to pimp your adventure out.

Crates were also tweaked to allow new items, so get back to voting to get a chance of getting that sweet set of Nazgrim Armor! The armor, as well as an awesome Pickaxe and Sword were added to both the Vote and Daily crate.

Here, we’ll discuss additions and changes to the Vexius staff team.

MonkeyFG has joined as Helper
Lucas has joined as Helper
Fuusk has joined as Helper
AcePeroutka has joined as Helper
oFox_ has joined as Builder

As I’ve mentioned above, Feedback is very important to us! If you have any changes in mind that you’d like us to put into effect, let us know below. This is also a thread on which we’d like to hear your thoughts on our wonderful staff team. What went well and what went wrong? The more we hear from all of you, the better we can become! Every month, we will listen to feedback and on the next update we will write how this feedback has affected the server.
Looks amazing Monkey!
- If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. -

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