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Captain/David answers
Hey everyone! As most of you probably know we have decided to remove David from the staff team - To the people who didn't get to know him he was the staff manager on Vexius for a bit.

I know you guys have a lot of questions and I will try to cover the ones I would be thinking myself.


1. Why did David get demoted/kicked off the team?

- We decided to take him off the team because of various reasons. He claimed he was ready for the responsibility and I know from previous experience that he used to be a great manager. I will try to cover some of the stuff that I personally found unfair and other people might too. So here's the things:
  • Making World Edits for people
  • Giving people creative to build certain stuff (non builders)
  • Making his own town with money spawned in and pretty much making it all with worldedit
  • Promoting staff without introducing them to the staff handbook, promoting them on forum/discord and other tools we use
  • Banning people for weird reasons such as perm banning people for ''staff hunting'' and banning people for hacking when they are not even hacking
  • Leaving when people try to ask him questions and not helping out with stuff he didn't like to help out with
  • All in all pretty slacky and not following the handbook or the general rules aka ''common sense''
These are some of the reasons, and I know I might seem like I call him out or something but hes a good guy, but he just doesn't fit into our server/community

I know some of you loved him and some of you didn't, some of you might hate me for doing this and some not - This is what I think is best for the server and as most of you people know it's impossible to satisfy everyone.

2. What is your plan?

Well, my plan is to make:
  • MonkeyFG to Manager
  • Krystaline (aka Evyi) to Admin.
  • xBelgianBoy to Admin
This means that we got 3 people to really focus on making events, managing forum, implementing suggestions, reading and responding applications, helping out and teaching the new staff how to actually be a good staff member and teach them how to respect players and give a verbal warning instead of just throwing out bans.


Yes, some of you old people might remember when Velhii and MonkeyFG were admins here. MonkeyFG had to leave because he had a lot of work to do irl. MonkeyFG and Velhii were pretty much managing events, staff, forum and everything they could together.

The plan was to promote MonkeyFG back to Admin the day he got back. But I asked myself ''Hmm if he left, maybe he will leave again?'' So I had a chat with MonkeyFG and pretty much asked him that question and he told me that he got a new work contract which secured him ''stable'' work which means he can play around here and be active, for atleast 6 months and will probably be extended further after those 6 months.


This is pretty much the status of everything right now, we will continue developing Vexius and we are working with some really cool projects that we spent more than a month on. I hope to be able to give you all the news of what it is next month!

Also we will be buying a sponsered slot soon and focus on getting some YouTubers to do series on the server, to boost the playercount and also to get some new folks in here. So if you see some new YouTuber dont scare them away hehe.

Other than that there is nothing left than to say thank you for standing with us even tho it's a big mess sometimes, but we gotta move forward and do whats best for Vexius, even tho you think I make some stupid decisions, you can be certain that it's for the best of Vexius!

Remember to have a great day and enjoy the summer - Sorry for the long post, and if you have more questions feel free to ask down below and I will try to respond them!
- If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. -

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