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1.13 update? Reset?
Hey Vexians!

I hope you all are doing great, since a lot of you people have been asking ''Will this server convert to 1.13? If yes will there be a reset?''

Answer: Yes once we have all our plugins updated we will make a ''new'' fresh server which is running 1.13

We will also keep the ''old'' 1.12.2 server. That means you can stay on 1.12.2 with all your items and towns or go to the 1.13 server and start fresh. The donors will get their ranks/homes etc moved over to the 1.13 server too!

So in the future we will make it possible to do something like /server 1.13 or /server 1.12 to join the different servers.

Best regards

The Staff team
- If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. -

So donors get their ranks/rank benefits, but what about things such as claimblocks, voting rewards, and /rankup ranks (noble & Squire)? I'm 100% okay with a clean slate, but im curious on how my claimblocks and any purchased voting rewards will transfer over.
Cheeseman86, with the update the new world would be completely new so all your money from 1.12.2 would stay in 1.12.2, you’d need to get new money for the 1.13. Only things that’d would be included in 1.13 that you had in 1.12.2 are they things you bought in /buy, for example, a baron would stay as a baron and so on. Have a good day.

Will our paid claim blocks carry over?
Giggimish we will try to get these over too Smile
- If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. -

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