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New Server?
Hey Everyone!

I promised to tell you guys what our next server will be and I will let you know now:

Its gonna be an OpPrison server! Right now we are testing the server out and making sure its bug free. But it will be a server with:
  • Custom Enchants
  • 1.8 pvp (spam click pvp)
  • Anti Combat Log
  • Plots
  • 51 rankups
  • 51 mines (+ 4 donor mines) + Plot Mines
  • Bombs you can throw in mines to clear areas
  • And much more!
Pictures of Prison:

We expect the OpPrison server to be ready for all of you about the 28/29th September!


Yeah Thuzio you smart ass... You make 2 servers and 3 with the 1.13 server coming up... Where are we gonna spawn?

We are ALSO working on a new Lobby/Hub! This will be the place where you spawn as a new player and can select which server you wish to play on. So for now we will have Survival with the: 1.12.2 server and Survival 1.13 + The new server OpPrison! (We also started another server which will be a secret for now, but its something that all of you will like!) So in the future we will have multiple servers you can go to, so if you get bored on one of them you can always go to another!

Pictues of Hub/Lobby

We are trying to work on this so we are ready when the 1.13 server comes out. We cant really tell when you will be joining the hub, so one day you might find yourself a bit confused. But it will be easy to navigate around!

1.13 Survival Server

Previous update about 1.13 server

''Hey Vexians! I hope you all are doing great, since a lot of you people have been asking ''Will this server convert to 1.13? If yes will there be a reset?''
Answer: Yes once we have all our plugins updated we will make a ''new'' fresh server which is running 1.13 and keep the ''old'' 1.12 server. That means you can stay on 1.12.2 with all your items and towns or go to the 1.13 server and start fresh. The donors will get their ranks/homes etc moved over to the 1.13 server too!''

New update:
We get many questions about when the 1.13 server releases, and as we said before:
We have all our stuff ready and wait for a stable version that we dare to use. The current versions is unstable and only half of the features would work. So it would almost be like a vanilla server and we dont want that. So when Spigot update to some better versions we will be ready!

Once again, thank you for standing with us!
- If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. -

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