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The angel and the Lightenumia. (Story)
Screaming through the rain summoning the lightning within the clouds is a creature known as the Lightenumia, it controls the weather and makes rain pour and clouds produce lightning. Grinning the invisible creature looks at the skies with glints of madness in both eyes, it has existed long enough to lose it's sanity having to do this dreadful job each day. This creature is the last of her kind, and has no visible form due to living such a long life and became a bodiless existence. Fear, hate, sadness and loneliness poured into her heart each day.. Until she met a holy being, noticing the huge wings on the angel's back it was hard to register what the angel wanted. With such a corrupt being as an Lightenumia is not worthy of heaven, not since she was tainted with these feelings. That was what she thought, but the angel landed on the ground able to see this poor soul.. And wrapped it's wings around her body, cradling the Lightenumia as the angel took flight. As the Lightenumia noticed what was going on, she struggled to break free. But as the angel kept cradling her, angelic tears reached the ground as if telling her the angel understands and smiles. Upon witnessing those tears, the Lightenumia was given a vision of heaven with all of her loved ones waiting for her. Knowing that this was the end of her duties, she shed tears and bawled in happiness for being given freedom. And when she cried, they both faded into the heavenly light which had opened up to heaven. The last sound that were heard was a content amazed gasp, as it faded away with the last of the light the rain, thunder and weather returned to normal. 

The end! <3
Interesting xD
Zaplax123  PogChamp   Cool

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