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A wild koolcities11 appeared!
11-13-2018, 01:34 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-13-2018, 01:38 PM by koolcities11.)
A wild koolcities11 appeared!
A wild koolcities11 appeared
koolcities11: I got into a portal... and got here... Never to return...
Hello everyone!
I am koolcities11. I have a lot of nicknames actually. Some of my old friends called me 'kul', 'kulcitys', 'kool' and many many more. However, I personally like the nickname 'kool' more.
I am a 15 years boy who loves playing Minecraft.
Found this server a bit while ago. However, it has delayed until Sunday. This is because the staff team finally rid that country restricting thing.
I usually play creative server, so you would most likely find me on creative server.
Unfortunately I have my own life, I cannot be very active. I would try my best but for now, yeah. You might probably see me more during Saterday and Sunday.
I am currently working on a large build in creative mode. And that's... an airport!!
If you are interested in the progress, you may ask me in game to have a look.
For now, I have some photo attached.

Q: Would you apply for staff?
A: I might, but not that interested for now.

Q: How active can you be?
A: Usually 1 hour for weekday and 4-5 hours for weekend.

Q: Which server you play most?
A: Creative.

Q: Can I teleport to see what are you building currently?
A: Yes, you are usually welcomed to ask me to take a look and I will accept.

Q: What else would you do besides Minecraft?
A: Cycling, reading, using discord, chatting with my friends and classmates, homeworks, musics and much more.

Fun fact: One of my reason that I am not that interested in applying staff is that I am currently a staff on a very popular discord server already! Also, I don't think I am that active at this time. I might apply for staff one day. Just not now.

Sorry that I didn't attach Sad. Don't know how to use the attachment aha.
Just ask me in game if you would like to see.
11-17-2018, 04:56 AM,
RE: A wild koolcities11 appeared!
Now I want to apply for staff Tongue

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