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Player Flooding, Bad Attitude (Only Server Issues)
He goes in global chat starts complaining, being rude and immature acting out and start's flooding the chat. He goes onto insult me later calling me an "idiot" and "dumb" I don't take it to heart (this was said in PM's due to an issue he had with me). He floods chat constantly and a player even told him to stop. I started saying in global that he should stop flooding. As he sends a message constantly about "omg I need staff he did this" "lol he did this and I'm going get staff and get him punished" and basically continues the conversation of this and the same message. I explain to him later on in msgs (using pm) and he still uses global as well as being ignorant enough to continue this until I eventually got kicked for spamming in messages by console which was odd because I took like 20 seconds each message, anyway's this is some of how he behaved and I feel like this should be dealt with. I do however in this report want to claim I called him dumb as a joke in a private message which I'm not afraid to say. But the fact I apologized out of my will and he goes to take his issue to the server and get back at me is not understandable. Me, yes, the server? No. I can verify by console. Thanks for reading!
- ArielAceV - YouTuber

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