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Apology And Adressing Something
11-21-2018, 11:27 PM,
Apology And Adressing Something
Dear Vexius

I would like to apologize for a recent event that happened on November 21st 2018, involving a comment which was made through my account on the Official Discord Of Vexius. The comment to which was said was the N word. I truly and deeply apologize for the inconvenience of the whole server and I understand what was said was very disrespectful, rude and appalling. Although many of you will not believe me, I would like to inform you that the comment was not made by me, but of a guest that was over at my house, who thought it would be funny. I understand if most of you feel ashamed of me and distant because I would most likely would as well. I understand that this apology is nowhere near enough to patch up the wound I have created on the discord server. I will be leaving the server for awhile as a way of "temp banning" myself in responsibility to what was said, and most importantly I ask from inside of me to all of Vexius, to forgive me and my apology. I would like to apologize to Anti, Silly, Toasty, Giggi, and Asdal, for making you look foolish for ever being by my side, and making you look bad. However; I will continue to patch up the wound, and hopefully, The Vexius community can excuse this.

Sincere Apologies.

11-27-2018, 01:19 AM,
RE: Apology And Adressing Something
Hey Skittios, thanks for apologizing. I am glad you had the sense to know it was wrong. You have not made anyone look foolish kiddo, you're good. It seems that you have learned something and that is the best outcome of something like this Smile see you around!

12-09-2018, 02:10 PM,
RE: Apology And Adressing Something
Honestly, I believe that this is truly generous of you to apologise to the server. At least you were able to show your true feelings, and emotion to the comment that had been made, you are a huge inspiration to me, of course for the apology, and understanding what you have done wrong.
02-19-2019, 02:32 PM,
RE: Apology And Adressing Something
Thanks for your apology. It makes me happy to know there are RESPONSIBLE people in the world.

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