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Appeal for a Veteran
12-04-2018, 05:55 AM,
Appeal for a Veteran
2.)12/3/2018 11:22
4.)Exploit (On the 1.12 by other people. I was just given the stuff)
5.) First off I'd like to say that I have been playing since the start of March this year. I'd consider myself a veteran of the 1.12 as I have experienced it's history. I have also played along in that history and helping out the server. I started out not so well getting chat banned by Mintie multiple times for teasing her and calling her Mistie. However she eventually left the server and I stopped the little game. It was later on that I applied for Helper and got the job. I caught 3 total people using xray in my time as a helper as well as just playing the actual role and welcoming people as well as giving them advice. I also got to experience David, Thuzio's friend have his time as owner. I also saw his downfall. I have also seen others make their way up. (Seeb and Fuusk if you're seeing this congrats again!) And also Anti_Life I've seen make his way up. I have also contributed to the server in other ways. Not only by donating 50$ but as well as building things such as the Arena to promote competition in the server for the contest. Or help building the dungeon event to make sure that the rest of the server could enjoy their time. I also took screenshots to put on the official Instagram of the Vexius network to help promote the server. Pictures of which can still be seen on there. Those were a few. But as the server moved on to the 1.13 I felt myself left behind. You see my laptop can't run the 1.13 that smooth nor can my computer back in my hometown. I've remained on the 1.12 as I loved it so much and have put so much effort into it. About 2 to 3 weeks ago players by which I'll keep nameless as Anti knows the names came on. They found an exploit. They eventually showed me the stuff they had and gave me a few keys. That was the only part I played. I didn't know what or how they did what they were doing. But considering the circumstances they showed me why they believed they could do such things. here is a quote specifically given by Anti_life himself. "Hey Alex! Thank you for applying. You seem like a really cool person but unfortunately we don’t really have a player base in 1.12. It would not make sense for us to have a helper there. I appreciate the commitment you have to the 1.12 server and I am glad someone is still enjoying it Smile if you ever need anything there" As the statement clearly says. There isn't much of a player base and wouldn't make sense to have a helper(moderator) there. And then smile if we need anything. By this understanding we went under the influence that there wasn't a need for moderation on the 1.12 as it was considered dead by one of the admins himself. Throught this reason they decided to continue with the exploit. However as of today apparatly the 1 out of the 60 days that the 1.12 has literally been without a moderator on it things decided to change. And Anti_Life took back his words and stated that now there was moderation. When we were under his words that it didn't in fact need moderation. So as a result the exploit of which we had only used on the 1.12 resulted in all 3 of us getting banned. The 1.12 is a small server now with seemingly nobody on it. With the fact that we were under the influence of there "supposedly" being no moderation we had a really fun time. it was like a small community back like when Vexius was just the 1.12 Nothing was wrong with what we were doing because as Anti_Life stated "There wasn't really a player base" I believe that the ban is unreasonable as the glitch has now been discovered. We were under a false assumption given to us by the guy who ended up banning us. While exploiting is in ways what I would consider illogically bad on the 1.13 server which is thriving with new players on the daily.  the so called empty server of the 1.12 has no players on it simply is not effected. I believe the impact of the exploit they found didn't change the outcome of the server in anyway.  I love playing on the 1.12 and the small community of which I got to play with and talk with on discord. We are all respectable men and will try to comply with what you ask of us on the 1.12. But overall In my opinion i think you should let us have our fun in the 1.12 as it has not affected anybody else. We enjoy our times together on the 1.12 and the exploit we found did not impact the rest of the server. With zero moderation needed on the 1.12 I believe both myself and the other 2 who got banned from the 1.12 should be unbanned as long as we do not do anything related to that again. I see no reason to ban someone on a dead server when we have kept it on that dead server. I hate to see that things turned out this way in the end. We were under the influence that nothing we were doing was wrong or affected the rest of the server which it didn't. I believe I myself should be unbanned as I didn't play a part in the exploit myself nor know how to conduct it. I do believe in I'd say at least a weeks ban for the 2 actual commiters of the apparent crime on a dead server. I love playing with them and they both enjoyed the server especially my friend Aleks of which was the one who was given the info by Anti_Life himself. I have spent a lot of time, money, and effort to the 1.12 and would like to see it stay as well as the small community of which still plays it regularly. However if it does come to it I am also willing to take the "Uneeded" Position of helper to make sure that exploits and glitches don't ever happen again. I take responsibility for not saying anything however I was under the same assumption the other 2 were. I'd like to thank you for reading this essay but I do believe that this was something worth fighting for as I seriously have found a home in the server and it's community. The amount of dedication I have played in helping the 1.12 server be a great place is why I believe I should be able to stay. Seeb if you're reading this you were like a brother to me in the good old days and I'm asking for you to help a brother out on this one. I don't believe I have negatively impacted the 1.12 server in anyway possible. Yes the server may seem dead but the small community of which remains is very much alive and plays on the daily. Thuz I'd love to stay on the server and hate the fact of being banned again for the first time in over 5 months. I'd like to remain active on the 1.12 with my friends which is why I'm asking to be appealed as well as asking the favor of the other two being unbanned after 1 weeks time. I did show Anti what they used for it so hopefully that will help you out Thuz. As a veteran of the server I believe I should be able to continue to play on the server of which I have come to know and love. I apologize for the long appeal but I really do want to continue playing and believe my case is a bit different as you don't get any bans on the 1.12 server anymore. In fact today was probably the first since the 1.13 came out. The 1.12 is a small community and I'd love to be able to continue to play on it as well as be able to play on it with my friends. Thank you for your time and I hope you take my considerations to heart as I have been on the server for such a long time. 

12-04-2018, 06:29 AM,
RE: Appeal for a Veteran
Ace, I think it is important to add the context of the situation first. You and three other players exploited and took advantage of a bug and ended up with stacks of a ton of valuable items but more notably, legendary keys. I appreciate the donation and the stuff that you listed but in the end, you did not report this to me until I got on to investigate it. I think that says enough for me to say I don't think you would fit the position as helper. In my comment to Alex, I try to explain that there is not enough players on the 1.12 for us to have a helper there. I don't think this should have been interpreted into "anarchy" as you said. If you want a server where you can have the freedom you had in 1.12, I suggest you make your own server. No one will mind if you dupe donation items there lol. and no, this is not the first ban I've had to make on the server believe it or not. The plan has always been to keep an eye on it, not toss it to the side. And you are only banned for a week but considering you had so much stuff "given" to you, I don't think you'd report any of the items I might have missed when removing them from your chests/vaults.

12-04-2018, 01:27 PM,
RE: Appeal for a Veteran
Im not looking for your reply as it will generally be biased towards your opinion in the first place. If you want proof that what we did was cool by someone else, ask seeb who was cool with it when he saw our balances too. He figured the server was just as dead as we (the people who actually played on it) knew it was. And thus did not proceed to ban us for what we were doing as we were having our fun on the server. Let I repeat once again what we did has not carried onto the 1.13 nor will it. I will also make sure it does not continue to happen on the 1.12. But i don't believe the other 2 should be permanently banned for it as we were the main people putting the most hours and playtime into the server anyhow.
12-04-2018, 08:07 PM,
RE: Appeal for a Veteran
My reply is necessary in order for the people reading this to understand your situation. If you want a server to do whatever you want with your friends I suggest you make your own. We are not going to allow 3 random players to decide what is allowed or not on a Vexius server. I think all 3 of you deserve to be banned permanently. I am very understanding when it comes to this type of stuff, but this is too much. Good luck!

12-06-2018, 01:40 AM,
RE: Appeal for a Veteran
I think it shows that maybe you did need moderation on the 1.12 more than you think and simply means you weren't doing your job enough. Since its clear you have single handedly killed the server as the past bans on the hourly are all from you.

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