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New rankup system and more!
Hey Everyone!
The new rankup system is now here! You can check it out on Survival using /rankup
We also added new menus for /help - /spawners - /rankup etc.
Important donators have to use /upgrade(donorrank) - So ex: /upgradewarden or /upgradeknight
That will allow you to join the rankup system like everyone else!

Updated the kits for donors.
This means that when you are Warden/Knight/Baron/Champion you will no longer be able to take kits from lower ranks (ex you cant take Warden kit as Baron)
But we combined kits from the ranks under you and made the kits even better.
Some of the new things are a daily rare crate key and money + better items!

Questions regarding the new rankup system:
When you use /upgrade(donorrank) your rank will be set to for example [Warden] [Noble] Thuzio: Haii 
- Now this means that if you go ahead and rankup to Squire using /rankup (while having a donor rank) you will get the rankup perks added to your donor rank.
So Squire gives 1 more home set + 1 more auction slot + 1 more playervault and extra claimblocks.
ALL OF THIS will be added as extra to your rank.
So you will get 1 extra pv (now 3 pv's if you are warden)

New GameMode:
Our builders finally finished the Spawn for the new game mode. We will soon let you all know what the new gamemode will be and perhaps a few pictures of the spawn!
- If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. -

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