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Token Miner (SUGGESTION)
Server: Creative

My Idea: Token Miner

How It Works
You Earn A Token Every 10 Or 5 Minutes, It Depends On Your Rank, You Can Only Place Them On Your Plot And You Start Off With One, To Get More Than One, You Have To Pay $10 For It, If You Have Been Playing Before And You Didn't Spawn With It, It Teleports To Your Inventory When It You Have Space,  And If It Doesn't, You Tell A Mod Or Something, You Cannot Copy And Paste It, Or Use World Edit To Make More, If They Try It, It Becomes A Barrier Block And Doesn't Give You Anything,

How Much You Get From Rank
Guest : 1 Token
Apprentice : 2 Tokens
Journeyman : 5 Tokens
Designer : 7
Architect : 8
Master : 9
Professional : 10
Builder : 12
Helper : 15
Mod : 17
Titan : extra 4
Co-Owner: 25
Owner: 100
Staff : 20
Me : extra 1 plz?

The Block Can Be An Enchanted Chest And If You "Accidently" Remove It From Your Inventory, It Will Reappear Until You Place It But If You Don't, It Will Go Into A Chest If U Have Placed One Or It Will Go In A Command For Extra Inventory Called /I, Also You Can Only Have 5 So People Don't Get Rich Too Fast

Why It Would Be Awesome
Because The Server Can Have More Money And Players Will Be Going Nuts For More Token Miners So They Can Buy Stuff, It Will Be A Win Win For Everyone, Even If They Have No Money, That's My Idea

(plz let me be staff or something xD)

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